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5 Light (And Healthy) Indian Summer Breakfast Recipes You Would Thank Us For


Every season has its demand. In winter, you could just sit and indulge all day starting from breakfast. In summers, however, your tummy can only take so much. You are looking for light, cool, satiating meals and we are here to help you with the same. We have curated the list of breakfast that is helping us stay energised nowadays. These recipes use a slew of fresh ingredients, some seasonal, some evergreen.  Most importantly, these are all popular Indian recipes we are all a fan of already. 

Here Are 5  Light Indian Summer Breakfast Recipes That Are Sure To Make You Drool: 

1. Bombay Toasty
It doesn’t get easier than this and you know this is going to be a hit among everyone at your house. All you need are some slices of bread, brown or white you decide. Some chutney (can’t imagine Indian summers without it, can you?), veggies of your choice, chaat masala, paneer and anything and everything else you want to add to your toasty. Here is our recipe, go make it your own!


Bombay toasty is a favourite with everyone

2. Moong Dal Cheela
India’s favourite cheela has many avatars. It is mostly relished during breakfast. Since it is our own desi crepe, you can spruce it up the way you want (think: summer chutney, cheese, veggies). You can pair it with curd or raita for a wholesome meal. Click here for recipe.

3. Curd Upma
Upma is a South Indian breakfast recipe that appears like a porridge. Much like moong dal cheela, it is replete with health benefits and keeps you satiated for long. If you are full for long, you do not feel like tucking into something salty or fatty. This upma also comes with added goodness for curd which is highly advisable in summer. It is cooling and good for gut. Here is the recipe. 


Working From Home? This curd upma is sure to impress

4. Dadpe Poha
This easy-peasy breakfast recipe hails from Maharashtra. Flattened rice flakes tossed with crunchy peanuts, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, grated coconuts and fresh coriander. This poha is light on your tummy and easy to digest too. Here is a recipe you can try. 

5. Neer Dosa
‘Neer’ translates to water. This dosa gets its name because of its unique, thin and crispy texture. Made with a super runny rice batter, this dosa goes best with anything right from sambar to chutney or pickle. Here is a recipe.

Try these recipes and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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