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7 North Indian Breads That Have Our Heart (With Recipes)


North Indian cuisine is widely popular for its rich range of curries, mouthwatering snacks and sinful sweetmeats. Seldom do we take a moment to moment to appreciate our unique flatbreads that help make our meal experience truly one of a kind. From the kulchas of Punjab to the Sheermal of Delhi, there exists a wide range of breads that call for all the love and praise. Here we have listed seven of our all-time favourites Indian breads. These are unique recipes that require a good amount of patience to put together, but once they are on your plate you don’t take minutes to gulp them down.

Here Are 7 North Indian Breads That Have Our Heart:

1. Amritsari Kulcha

You saw this coming, didn’t you? This kulcha that looks more like a tandoori roti or naan is stuffed with a spicy potato mixture. Greased with butter, this kulcha can be paired with chana, aloo or raita. Here is a fabulous recipe.


Amritsari kulcha | Photo credit: iStock

2. Lachcha Paratha

This layered and flaky paratha can be dubbed as a North Indian cousin of Malabari paratha. Made with either maida or atta, laccha paratha employs a unique method of rolling the dough. This dhaba-staple can be paired with just about any curried preparation. Find the recipe here.

3. Khoba Roti

This popular Rajasthani roti is more famous for its unique look and feel. It is has an uneven surface with many craters that are made with pinching the dough. It is made with simple whole wheat flour and pairs very well with soothing curries. Click here for the recipe.

khoba roti

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4. Baqarkhani

This roti from ‘Purani Delhi’ shatters most pre-conceived notions we have for roti. It is not conventionally soft, its texture is that of a biscuit. Holes are poked in the roti before it is cooked so that it is cooked evenly. It is slightly sweet in taste and goes very well with mutton dishes like mutton kofta or keema. Here’s a recipe.

5. Bajra-Methi Missi Roti 

Missi Roti is known for its crispness and flavour of crushed ajwain, hing and kasuri methi, making it one of the most flavourful breads we know of. This One comes with the added goodness of high-fibre bajra, paneer, garlic, and curd. Ideal for diabetics. Find the recipe here. 

6. Bhatura

This soft bread is made with maida. A bit of baking soda helps give this bread its characteristic puffiness. Since bhaturas are deep-fried they are considered one among the most indulgent breads of Delhi and Punjab. It is often paired with chole, a rustic chickpea preparation and pickle. Here’s the recipe.


Chole Bhature are a popular North Indian breakfast

7. Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha

This paratha derives its name from its unique preparation. Ulta tawa means an inverted griddle. The dough is stretched out and cooked on an inverted griddle and served with the softest kebabs like galouti or seekh. It is very popular in parts of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Find the recipe here.

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