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Allahabad High Court seeks UP govt’s response over state funding of madarsas, other religious institutions


New Delhi: Allahabad High Court has sought the Uttar Pradesh government’s response on funding of madrasas and other religious institutions in four week’s time. The court also asked if the state funding to madrasas and other religious institutions is consistent with the Indian Constitution’s secular scheme.

The High Court has asked whether madrasas so recognised and aided also admit girl students, adding that the policy to provide financial aid to religious institutions is consistent with the secular scheme of the Constitution. 

Hearing a writ petition filed by Madrasa Anjuman Islamia Faizul Uloom, Justice Ajay Bhanot asked the state government to file a counter affidavit within a period of four weeks and fixed October 6 as the next date of hearing.

The HC bench asked the Yogi Adityanath government to bring in the record the syllabi/courses, conditions and standards of recognition including the requirement for playgrounds at the madrasas and all other religious institutions which are recognised or aided by the state government.

The court directed that the state government shall also indicate in its affidavit the details of various other boards of education with institutions imparting theological education of other religious sects.

It further directed the UP government to reply if the policy of the state government to provide financial aid to institutions imparting religious education is consistent with the scheme of the Constitution particularly in light of the word “secular” in the Preamble to the Constitution.

The court asked whether other religious minorities are also provided government aid for running theological schools and whether there is a prohibition against women from applying as students in religious schools and if so whether such bar is an act of discrimination prohibited by the Constitution.

Notably, the petitioner sought the creation of additional posts of teachers in view of the increasing number of students..

Cow should be declared a national animal

In another observation, the Allahabad High Court on Wednesday said that cow should be declared a national animal and those who harm it must be punished. The bench said that cow is an important part of the Indian culture, and added that a fundamental right is not only the prerogative of beef eaters but also of those who worship cows and are financially dependent on it.

According to the High Court, the government should bring a Bill in Parliament to declare cow as the national animal and make strict laws against those who talk about harming the animal.

The bench of Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav said, “The right to life is above the right to kill and the right to eat beef can never be considered a fundamental right,” while hearing a bail plea of Javed of Sambhal district, who had allegedly stolen a cow and killed the animal. 

The court denied him bail calling him a repeat offender, adding “This is not the first offence of the applicant. Even before this offence, he had committed cow slaughter, which had disturbed the harmony in society.” 

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