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Annoyed by Facebook’s friend suggestions? Here’s how to disable it


Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook helps you connect with your friends and it revolves around the content that is shared by you and the pages you follow. 

The social media platform also sends recommendations on which pages to follow and the friends you might want to know or connect with. 

These suggestions are based on the platform’s ‘People You May Know’ section, which occurs due to your contact list uploaded on Facebook, or via the company’s algorithms predicted on the basis of your profile information and who you are already friends with.

But this reminder can be very irritating for many as they don’t want to be reminded about who they want to be friends with.

Here’s how to turn off the notifications for People You May Know:

Step 1: Open Facebook on the desktop and click on the Settings and Privacy menu from the icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Then select Settings, from this menu. It will open up a new settings page.

Step 3: Click on the Notifications icon on the left sidebar on the Facebook Settings page.

Step 4: Then select a setting called People you may know under the Notifications Settings area.

Step 5: Click off on all the options, or simply disable notifications via SMS, via Email, or via push notifications in the app. 


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