Anurag Kashyap opens up on daughter Aaliyah’s boyfriend, drunk dials and premarital sex! Watch


New Delhi: Anurag Kashyap, who is hailed as a progressive director is an equally open-minded father. On Father’s Day, his daughter Aaliyah Kashyap asked him some awkward or rather uncomfortable questions for her YouTube channel. The questions were sent from her fans and followers.

During the interaction, Anurag spilled the beans on issues including his views on his daughter’s boyfriend Shane Gregoire, whom Aaliyah has been dating for almost a year now, about ‘sleepover with boyfriend’ and also about drunk dials to name a few.


Taking about Aaliyah’s boyfriend, he said, “I like Shane. I like your choice in friends and your choice in boys. Shane is very good. He is very spiritual, very calm, he has a lot of qualities that men of 40 don’t have, in terms of being there in difficult situations.” 

On being asked if Aaliyah has ever got drunk dialed him, to which the actor laughed and said on several occasions. Elaborating further, he said that not only that, she also made him talk to her friends, and they recited his dialogues from his superhit film Gangs of Wasseypur.

Sharing his viewpoint on ‘sleepovers with boyfriends’, Anurag said, “Once you are an adult, then you make your own life decisions. I don’t even probably have a say in the matter, except concern.”

Taking the segment to next level, Aaliyah asked him how would he react if someday he’ll get to know that she is pregnant. 

 Reacting to it, he said, “I will ask you, ‘Are you sure you want this?’ And whatever you choose to do, I will always go with it, you know that.” 

When his daughter quizzed him about his take on premarital sex, he said, “It’s a question that we asked in the 80s. I think now we should get beyond that question. That’s a question that we used to ask when we were in college and we used to moralise.” 

Elaborating further on it, he shared, “We need to understand sexuality and sex and our own human body. We need to understand that first before we just jump into doing things out of peer pressure. Anything done out of peer pressure is not good. Anything done to look cool is not good. Anything done to belong to a certain group of people is not good. Do it because you want to do something, because you feel ready and you have someone. It has to be special.”


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