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Bagara Egg Masala : A Special Hyderabadi Recipe To Try This Eid


The end of Ramadan – Eid, is celebrated with sumptuous feasting. On this day, Muslims offer special prayers, share the festive vibe with near and dear ones, provide food for those suffering and finally celebrate Eid with an appetising Eid meal. From irresistible biryanis to phirnis and egg recipes, Hyderabad has every possible food that will be a treat to your gustatory senses. Egg curry in India is not an uncommon dish; people make it by adding different variations to it depending upon the region, and all of them taste equally delicious.

If you are planning to surprise your loved ones this Eid, here’s an easy and exclusive egg curry recipe to try! Bagara Egg Masala is a special curry that originated from the royal city of Hyderabad. It is indeed an improvised version of the dish ‘bagara baingan’. The key ingredient of this exceptional recipe is blended bagara masala powder which adds an invigorating aroma, astounding flavour, and the addition of whole spices in the tempering makes all that difference in the curry. It is a mellow recipe that uses fried eggs and a masala paste made out of coconut, peanuts and sesame oil.

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Here’s how you can make Bagara Egg Masala :

As for the taste, let the dish speak for itself. Click here for step-by-step detailed recipe of Bagara Egg Masala.

This recipe is just what you need to make this extraordinarily delicious egg curry. Grind coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds with a little bit of water to make smooth paste. Then saute the paste for 3-4 minutes in oil and add tamarind paste. Lastly, add garam masala powder and mix well. Garnish it with a dab of hung curd or cream and chopped coriander leaves. This egg recipe tastes incredible when served with steamed or jeera rice. A bowl full of raita along with some papad will compliment your whole meal.

We hope this recipe will make your Eid special. Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below.


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