BJP-ruled MCD not clearing garbage accumulating outside homes of COVID-19 positive patients under home isolation: AAP leader Durgesh Pathak - SARKARI JOB INDIAN

BJP-ruled MCD not clearing garbage accumulating outside homes of COVID-19 positive patients under home isolation: AAP leader Durgesh Pathak


NEW DELHI: Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak on Tuesday said that the BJP-ruled MCD is not clearing the garbage of COVID-19 patients who are under home isolation. 

He said over 37,000 people in Delhi are under home isolation, and due to mismanagement of cleaning the garbage of these patients, there is a massive risk of spreading the virus, for which the BJP will be solely responsible. 

Pathak said he would request Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta to form a team and to oversee this issue of clearing garbage of those under home isolation. He said that the BJP-ruled MCD has looted Delhi for the last 15 years, but during a health emergency, they should streamline garbage clearance and stay away from doing dirty politics.

Shri Pathak said, “You are witness to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Delhi. Yesterday, we recorded around 23,000 cases. In order to fight it, the Delhi government has imposed a six-day lockdown and I’m happy that each and every citizen of Delhi has supported this decision. They are following lockdown rules, are at their homes, spending time with their family members, are wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.”

He said, “Those who test positive for COVID, have two options for treatment. First, most people are staying at home and getting themselves treated, known as ‘home isolation’ or ‘home quarantine’. And those whose health gets worse, with depleting oxygen levels, are admitted to hospitals.’’ 

“Today, there are around 37,337 patients under home quarantine. They are getting themselves treated at home. They are connected to the doctors and facilities of the Delhi government. In this entire process, the BJP-ruled MCD has a crucial role to play. The trash that is generated by the patient under home isolation has to be picked up and processed by the MCD under certain guidelines. They have a report stating which person in which house has been quarantined. A special vehicle is sent that collects the garbage and processes it in a different manner.”

Pathak said, “It is unfortunate that BJP leaders indulge in politics, but where work is required, they do not do it. Today, the BJP-ruled MCD is not collecting the garbage generated by these 37,000 patients who are quarantined at home. In some of these houses, someone is sent after a 7-8 day gap in order to collect the trash. You must have some friends who would have been under home isolation; you can ask them about this and cross-check. If this garbage is not processed in an appropriate manner, cases would only increase. For this, the BJP-led MCD would be responsible.”

Pathak added, “This is not the time to engage in politics. I would like to call upon the BJP — the damage you caused to Delhi has already been incurred. But now, you must stand beside the people and collect the garbage from the homes of 37,000 patients who are under home quarantine.”

Pathak also said, “I would like to appeal to Adesh Gupta to indulge in politics later on. You must set up a team and monitor it personally, ensuring whether the trash is being picked up from each house or not because if it is not disposed of in a proper manner, it would lead to the spread of the virus. Hence, I would like to tell the BJP MCD to please do your work, and don’t indulge in politics. The work that citizens of Delhi have entrusted you with — those under home isolation are being treated by the Delhi government — but the job of collecting garbage from their homes must be done by the BJP-ruled MCD, and it must happen soon.”

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