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Brawl mid-air! Flight attendant punched in face, left with broken teeth, video goes viral


New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a woman inside a US-based airline punched a flight attendant, leaving her bleeding with two broken teeth. According to reports, the flight attendant had asked the traveller to fasten her seat belt as the plane was preparing to land at San Diego International Airport. 

A video of the brawl inside the flight has surfaced on the internet and has gone viral. The clip shows the attendant ending up with a bleeding face, leaving other passengers shocked. 

The incident reported by CBS News stated that the flight was flying from Sacramento to San Diego. In the video, a young woman is seen getting on her feet and assaulting the attendant when asked to follow instruction. The flight attendant sustained injuries in the attack and two of her teeth also broke during the assault. 

However, a male co-passenger jumped to her rescue and screamed at the woman to stop attacking the attendant. “Sit down! Don’t you dare touch a flight attendant like that,” the co-passenger was seen yelling at the woman who assaulted the attendant. 

Reacting to the incident, a social media user commented, “A witness came forward and said that the flight attendant had become physical with the passenger first and that the passenger had told her to get her hands off of her at least 3 times before she hit the attendant. If that is true,  she had every right to hit the attendant.” 

Another user commented, “For the people who don’t know the full story, The flight attendant was speaking to the lady in the window seat, she was leaning on the lady in the aisle seat, The lady in the aisle seat repeated multiple times for the flight attendant to stop touching her and stop leaning on her.” 

“If you can’t behave on an airline flight, you should be added to no-fly list for 5 years upon first offence,” wrote one. 


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