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Bunny Loads Up On Vitamin C: Reddit Users Upvote Video Of Rabbit Eating Oranges


There are millions of videos on the Internet posted by random people and yet rarely do we come across the one that could lighten up the mood after a long and tiring day of work. It’s not impossible to find but very difficult to locate the right one when you need to watch one. A Reddit user has posted a video that really does work in such situations. It shows a cute white rabbit with big, oval eyes patiently eating oranges that are known to be filled with Vitamin C, which boosts immunity and gives a glowing skin.

There’s not much to the 12-second clip except the bunny and the Vitamin C-filled oranges. Yet, for some weird reasons, it appears soothing to the mind. Watch it here:

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The video has received 98 per cent “upvotes”, and Reddit users have expressed their appreciation for the rabbit as well as the person who shared the video.

“Eating an orange while wearing eyeliner. Bunny’s got some skills with that winged liner,” commented a person with the username TeddyRivers.

Ru_ya, who owned a rabbit for eight years, added that this breed of domestic rabbit is called a “dwarf hotot” and the eye liner is a natural fur ring.

“Bunny knows the importance of vitamin c!” said Gqveracity.

Like the rabbit, the human body needs a lot of Vitamin C, which it cannot produce on its own, to boost immunity and manage stress. It gets it through food and other supplements.

The abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients in oranges are good for skin, eyes and heart, and eating them can also decrease the risk of cancer. Oranges are exceptionally rich in Vitamin C. Orange juice may help prevent kidney stones. Regular consumption of oranges makes the skin glow, keeps the heart healthy and the digestive system smooth.

A versatile fruit, oranges are a great addition to salads and fruit chaats. A medium-size orange contains about 80 calories, 250mg potassium, 15gm carbohydrates, a full gram protein and absolutely zero fat.

Make the most of oranges, and add some tang to your diet with this nutrient-dense, low-calorie fruit.


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