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Where Can I Sell My Antique Indian Coins for a Reasonable Price?

In India, a classified website was recently launched to sell and buy old coins, notes, stamp collections, and other items online. (exactly like Olx) The seller must place an advertisement with images and pictures of the coins in this section. Buyers that are interested will contact you via WhatsApp or email.

You’ll be able to communicate and do things like ship and receive payments for your coins or stamps. Simply register and place a free advertisement here. You will be contacted by the buyer automatically. They get a lot of customers from the Google Search Engine. (Only available in India.)

As a result, you can look here. You can also sell it here for whatever price you like. They have a large number of buyers all around India.

Old and rare coin collectors are increasingly selling their wares in order to make a quick buck. In the online market, old collectible coins are currently selling for absurdly high prices. A unique Rs 2 coin, for example, is selling for more than Rs 5 lakh.

If you hold such a coin, you won’t have to do any work because you may make money just by writing about it online. According to the article, the coin in question should have been brought into circulation by the RBI in 1990, 1994, 1995, 1997, or 2000. Such coins are in high demand on the internet. Collectors are willing to pay millions of rupees for such unique coins right now.

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A millionaire can be made from an old coin.

Coins depicting Vaishno Devi are said to be auspicious. You can earn up to Rs 1000000 if you have a special coin with the image of Mata Vaishno Devi. According to the media story, the coin about which it is being told It has a picture of Mata Vaishno Devi engraved on one side. This is also why so many people are willing to pay a modest price for it. According to media sources, people are willing to pay lakhs of rupees for such coins, and numerous Mata Vaishno Devi coins have already been sold for around ten lakh rupees. Those who possess this type of coin have the potential to make a lot of money.

One coin was sold for ten crore rupees; what was the coin’s secret?

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One coin was sold for ten crore rupees; what was the coin's secret?
One coin was sold for ten crore rupees; what was the coin’s secret?

Many people enjoy collecting antiques, and some of these collectors have a sizable collection of old and rare coins.They are often willing to pay the asking amount for rare coins; one such coin was sold for Rs 10 crore. The coin has the unique feature of being able to see the coin, which, according to the article, is a 1 rupee currency from British India. This coin was with only a few members of the SSC in the year 1885. It is very old and very rare to see the unique, similar coins that cost approximately 10 crores to 20 crores during the British reign.

You can become wealthy overnight if you have an old note or coin.

By the way, on my website, I’ve described a novel means of making money, as well as a variety of other novel ways to get wealthy while sitting at home. But today we’re going to tell you about one such way to get money by simply visiting one website, and that money can be worth lakhs of rupees. If you have the number 786 on a coin or note worth Rs. 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, it is regarded as one-of-a-kind, and the value of that coin or note is in the millions of crores.

To sell such notes, follow these steps.

The first step in selling a coin is to figure out what kind of coin you have. First and foremost, the coin’s worth is determined. Then pay close attention to the time and date. All of this information will be on the coin itself, and you can sell it by typing it into an online search engine.

  • The price is affected by the seller’s position. Examine both sides of the coin to determine if it appears to be unclean or worn. The less value you receive for your currency, the less valuable the coin is.
  • You can estimate the coin value after you know which coin you have. There are websites that keep track of the current worth of coins.
  • Searching for recent sales will yield further information on coin values. Sites like Heritage Option sell a variety of coins, and it’s all about how much you’re willing to spend on them. In the same way, you may find and sell coins.

How much is a ₹ 1 coin?

The price of this coin has been done, this 1 rupee coin was auctioned for 10 crore rupees. But this coin was not a minor coin. (How to earn money) The coin which is of British rule and if it is printed in 1885, then you can get up to 10 crore rupees for it.

Which is the oldest coin?


Which is the oldest coin of India? The first Indian coins – punch-marked coins called puranas, karshapans or paans – were minted by the Mahajanapadas (republican states) of ancient India in the 6th century BCE.

Which is the most expensive coin of ₹ 2?

This is the specialty of this coin, especially this coin of Rs 2 was issued in 1994, behind which is the national flag. The price of this special coin of Rs 2 has been fixed up to Rs 5 lakh on the Quickr website. At the same time, before independence, the value of 1 rupee silver coin of Queen Victoria is 2 lakh rupees.

What to do to sell old coins?

There are many people who are fond of buying or selling old notes or coins. If you also have old notes or coins and you want to sell them, then we are telling you the online way. You can sell it on Olx, Quikr, eBay.

Which coin has the highest value?

Whose price is considered less than gold, but a silver coin was bought for a higher price than a diamond. Actually, this coin is the most expensive coin in the world which is America’s Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. In 2013, a collector bought it for $ 10 million. This amount is around Rs 67 crore.

People in the world have a hobby of collecting strange things. One such hobby is collecting old and antique coins. This hobby of collecting old coins proves to be very beneficial for some people. People are ready to pay lakhs of rupees for these old coins. People buy and sell similar old coins on the e-commerce website Quikr. Let us tell you about some such coins, which can make you a millionaire overnight.

If you have this special note of 5 rupees (5 Rupees Note) then you can earn thousands from this one note. With this you can get around 35 thousand to 2 lakh rupees. If you have a collection of such notes (Extremely Rare 5 Rupee Notes) then you can become a millionaire. Let us tell you what is this method.

Why is this note special?

Today here we are telling you about one such note of five rupees, by selling which you can easily earn thousands of rupees. The specialty of this note is that the number 786 (5 Rupee Note 786) should be written on it. Also, tractor (5 Rupee Note With Tractor Value) should also be made on this note. If you also have such a note, then you can get 2 lakh rupees in return for it.

Sell in accordance with the contract’s terms and conditions.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released this “Extremely Rare Notes India” note. If you also have this message in such a case, consider yourself lucky. With this one note, you can make thousands of dollars. There are numerous websites where old notes and coins are being bought and sold in large quantities at the moment. If your old notes and coins meet the requirements, you can get a lot of money for them.

Where are you able to sell?

Let us warn you that this particular currency note is tough to come by. If you have five rupee tractor notes, you can exchange them for up to 2 lakh rupees. Many businesses, such as ShopClues and Marudhar Arts, can sell their old cash for a good price from the comfort of their own homes. Aside from that, money is abundant on in exchange for obsolete notes. These sites, in fact, provide a good price for the old money.

For Rs 11.10 lakh, a bundle of coins is being offered. This bundle has a total of ten coins. There are four coins from 1961 and three coins from each of 1962 and 1963.

Two Rs 2 coins are being sold for three and a half lakh rupees, according to another post on Quikr. A small family happy family is depicted on one of these coins, which dates from 1993, and another coin was released by Indian Railways in 2003. Quikr is selling a Rs 5 coin commemorating the country’s first President, Dr Rajendra Prasad, for Rs 2.70 lakh.

You can get up to Rs 2 lakh for a 10 paisa coin in this sale of ancient coins. According to a Quikr article, a 1974 10 paise coin is being auctioned for Rs 2 lakh.

A 25-paise coin can turn you into a billionaire. A user is selling an old 25-paise coin on Quikr for Rs 1.50 lakh. This coin, which was released in 1990, is in mint condition.

People are frequently the victims of scams in the purchase and selling of antique coins. The country’s central bank, the RBI, issued a warning, urging citizens to be wary of the scam. The Reserve Bank of India has stated that it is not involved in the purchase or sale of ancient coins. If someone offers you such a deal in the name of the RBI, be wary.

When and where to sell

This 50-paise steel coin is being auctioned for 1 lakh rupees on the popular website OLX. If you have a 50-paise coin in this situation, you can immediately become a billionaire by selling it.

Sell in this manner.

If you have a 50-paisa coin, you can sell it from the comfort of your own home. You can register as a seller on a website like OLX. You must first sign up as a merchant. After that, you upload a photo of the coin you have and list it for sale.

There is also an online auction for the ₹10 and ₹20 note.

OLX is a good place to look for auctions of antique coins or notes. Here, ancient banknotes are being sold. You must create your login ID here. You must upload a photo of the note you kept with you for the auction. Many individuals purchase antiques. Some folks are always on the lookout for antique banknotes. They contribute a substantial sum of money.

What is the best way to sell a five-rupee note?

There are numerous websites in the country that buy old notes and pay a good price in exchange. You can sell 1, 5, and 10 rupee notes on sites like eBay, CoinBazzar, and Collector’s Bazaar. Not only that, but these sites also sell rare coins.

What’s on a ₹5 note?

A tractor should be created with the 5 rupee note you keep with you to earn 30 thousand rupees. In addition, the number 786 should be inscribed on it as well. In the antique category, this note is considered rare. The Reserve Bank of India has classified this note as an “extremely rare note.”

What is the value of an antique ₹ 2 note?

Many people are willing to part with lakhs of rupees for these rare vintage notes or coins. According to media sources, people are willing to pay 5 lakh rupees for this rare form of the old 2 rupee coin with the Indian flag imprinted behind it. The Government of India released this 2 rupee coin in 1994.

Whose image is on the back of the ₹ 5 note?

However, there are some unique features of the 5 rupee note, from which you will receive 30 thousand rupees. First and foremost, the note should include a picture of the tractor. The note also has the number 786 printed on it, which is regarded as unusual. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) released note number 786, which is highly rare.

What is the value of an old ₹ 5 note?

If you have five rupee tractor notes, you can exchange them for up to 2 lakh rupees. Many businesses, such as ShopClues and Marudhar Arts, can sell their old cash for a good price from the comfort of their own homes. Aside from that, money is abundant on in exchange for obsolete notes.

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Where I sell my old coin in India?

Other platforms, such as Quikr and Coinbazzar, allow you to sell your old and unusual coins. The two-rupee coin, which may fetch up to Rs five lakh, is now being sold on Quikr, a classified advertising portal.

पुराने सिक्के बेचने के लिए क्या करें?

Many people are interested in purchasing or selling antique banknotes or coins. If you have ancient notes or coins that you wish to sell, we’ll show you how to do it online. You can sell it on sites such as Olx, Quikr, and eBay.

₹ 2 का सबसे महंगा सिक्का कौन सा है?

This coin’s specialty is this!
This two-rupee coin, with the national flag behind it, was released in 1994. On the Quickr website, the price of this special Rs 2 coin has been set at Rs 5 lakh. Prior to independence, the value of a 1 rupee silver coin issued by Queen Victoria was 2 lakh rupees.

सबसे पुराना सिक्का कौन सा है?

Which of India’s coins is the oldest? The Mahajanapadas (republican states) of ancient India manufactured the earliest Indian coins, punch-marked coins known as puranas, karshapans, or paans, in the 6th century BCE.

₹ 1 का सिक्का कितने का है?

What is the current value of this coin?
This one-rupee coin was auctioned off for Rs ten crore.But this was no ordinary coin. (Possibilities for Earning Money)If you have a British-era coin that was printed in 1885, you can sell it for up to ten crore rupees.


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