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Chai Biscuit Popsicle Is The Latest Bizarre Combo That Foodies Are Willing To Try


Social media users often stumble upon quirky recipes or combinations which spark a discussion online. One such discovery was made by the foodies online with chai biscuit popsicles. While gorging on a bunch of glucose biscuits with piping hot tea is a favourite of many, no one imagined a colder version of it. Mumbai food blogger Mahima uploaded this astonishing recipe on her Instagram account. She even called it a “divine combo”. In the caption, the blogger wrote, “The divine combo is even better in this popsicle form. And given how hot it is outside it’s the perfect way to have chai.” We can spot the chilled popsicles which resemble a kulfi but tastes like regular tea. She also urged everyone to try out this recipe that is made with crushed biscuits and tea in popsicle shape.

Watch the viral video here: 

One of the Instagram users said, “Oh my God! this is genius.” Someone who is genuinely curious about the taste wrote, “So innovative.  Got to try this for sure. Turning one of my favourite combos into popsicle form.” Another said, “Oh my God! this sounds amazing.”

Earlier, a bizarre combination of maggi laddoo had the Internet talking. A video showed how to prepare this “dessert” and it went viral in no time. The laddoo was made with jaggery, cardamom powder, butter, and raw maggi. This did not end here. There was also a spicy alternative to this preparation which is called “maggi pakora.”

Mumbaikars were in a state of tizzy when they came across croissant vada pav on social media. The buns were replaced by croissants and the Internet could not take it sportingly.

Coming back to chai-biscuit popsicles, are you ready to try it out? 


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