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Check Internet Speed & Solve Speed Problem

Check the upload and download speeds of your connected devices or home Wi-Fi® gateway.

TestMySpeed performs internet speed test to check your internet speed (WiFi network, broadband, mobile). Test your download, upload & ping speed.

Check Internet Speed
Check Internet Speed


Why Internet Speed Test is important?

When you choose an Internet connection from any ISP (Internet Service Provider), you must ensure that the connection meets the technical specifications that your ISP specifies on paper. Your download speed, upload speed, and ping are among these factors (response time).
Your ISP may tell you about different values on paper, but when you use the internet connection, you will notice that the values differ. As a result, you should do a speed test after a given amount of time to see if there is a discrepancy between the connection speeds on paper and in real life.

What are we measuring?

We test your broadband, WiFi, or mobile connection for internet speed and offer you with estimated values for several characteristics such as Download Speed, Upload Speed, and so on. The figures that you see on the screen are the ones that your ISP is sending you right now.

Check Internet Speed

Outputs of Speed Test

While you perform a speed test on our website, you will receive the following outputs:
Download Speed
When you perform a speed test then the first that you will notice is the download speed. It shows the actual, real-time download speed of the data to your device in Mbps. The higher your download, the faster your internet connection will be.
Most of the times you will notice that the value download speed is higher than the upload speed it is because the internet connection that you get is asymmetrical.
Upload Speed
Upload Speed is the second basic value that you will get when you perform a speed test. Just like the download speed, the upload speed is also measured in Mbps. Upload Speed means that how fast your internet can upload data to the Internet.
The higher the value of upload speed, faster will be your data upload rate and it comes in handy when you are streaming or for backups in the cloud.
The third parameter that you will notice is Ping. Ping is the response time of your internet connection that is measured in milliseconds. Unlike Download and Upload speeds where higher value is better, for Ping the lower value, the better it is.
The most important use of Ping is for online gamers who need a quick response from the servers when playing online. The lower their ping is, the faster they will get the response from the server. A ping can be considered if its value ranges from 0-40 ms.
Jitter explains the stability of your internet connection. It expresses the fluctuations that occur in the ping value in milliseconds. For a stable and good internet connection, jitter should be as low as possible. Higher values of jitter indicate that your internet connection isn’t stable.

How are the results calculated?

We undertake a series of download and upload tests to determine the speed and stability of your connection in order to calculate the values of your parameters.

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