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Close To 10 Million Views For Man’s Unexpected Encounter With Sea Lion


Close To 10 Million Views For Man's Unexpected Encounter With Sea Lion

A sea lion was filmed climbing up a boat in this viral video.

Videos displaying animals have never failed to entertain us. One such clip was recently shared on Twitter. Through the caption, the user urged viewers to watch it till the end, and yes it was worth it.

The video features a man trying to feed some birds from a boat. But in a surprising turn of events, a wild, free and majestic guest comes out of the water to give a rare appearance. The bird-feeding session was interrupted by none other than a sea lion, who clambered up the boat.

People couldn’t stop commenting and fawning over the creature. The adorable video, shared on Twitter, has garnered 9.8 million views till now and continues to be enjoyed by many.

Some were even concerned about the sea lion eating food that was meant for birds. “This is so great. Poor thing will have a tummy ache though,” read a comment.

Another concerned user said, “Hahaha! Hope, no animal was hurt during the filming, apart from the poor fish, of course. The sea lion could have finished with indigestion having gobbled the lot?”

While some comments were exceptionally hilarious and delved on the lighter side. A user felt that the scene was similar to the first day when pubs would open.

A few users got a little more creative and shared GIFs.

In 2017, a video of a hungry sea lion hitching a ride on a boat had gone viral online. 

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