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Congress Suffering From ”Mental Bankruptcy”: BJP Chief JP Nadda


Congress Suffering From ''Mental Bankruptcy'': BJP Chief JP Nadda

Congress Suffering From ”Mental Bankruptcy”: BJP Chief JP Nadda. (FILE)

Dharmapur/Bilasipara: BJP President JP Nadda on Tuesday alleged that the Congress is suffering from “mental bankruptcy” as it has aligned with political parties on religious lines in the current round of elections in the states.

The Congress has joined hands with the political parties on religious lines be it Kerala, West Bengal or Assam, Mr Nadda said while addressing election rallies in Assam.

“At the same time it has entered into alliances with the Left parties in Bengal and Assam but in Kerala, it is fighting against them. This exposes the party’s mental bankruptcy”, he said at a poll rally.

He alleged that the Congress has divided the society on diffierent criterion, including religion, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ensured that all people get benefits of various schemes on the basis of their need and not on any other considerations.

The Prime Minister has always insisted on inclusion of all sections by emphasising on “Sabka saath, sabka vikash aur sabka vishwas” unlike the Congress which had divided society on the basis of caste, class and religion for nearly seventy years after Independence.

“Congress todne ka kaam karta hain, aur Modiji jodne ka (Congress divides but Modiji unifies)”, he added.

The BJP president further that Congress leaders claim that there have been no development during the last five years in Assam, but “actually they cannot see it, as they have not developed themselves”.

“Rahul Gandhi accuses us of ”Jumlebaji” (hypocrisy) but keeps silent about the ”jumlebaji” by his grandmother, father and mother who only gave slogans and did nothing to solve the problems of the country.

“We are here to work but they only gave slogans”, he said.

He also accused the grand old party for asking for votes from the people as former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had represented them.

“What did he do for the people that they should vote for the party, instead the party should thank them for giving him the oppurtunity to become the Prime Minister,” Mr Nadda said.

Referring to the visit of Congress leaders to the tea gardens in the state, the BJP preisdent accused them of being “political tourists” who visit the gardens for photo sessions but the party did nothing when it was in power for the welfare of the tea garden workers.

“It was the Prime Minister who directed me to take a decision regarding the health facilities of the tea garden workers and I followed it up by ensuring 130 mobile medical units and a separate allocation of Rs 1000 crore has been made in this year’s Union budget for the health, education and roads of the tea fgardens”, he said.

He also accused the Congress for supporting forces that had conspired to bring out a toolkit to defame tea and Yoga before the world and “if tea, which is Assam’s pride, is defamed, then the state is insulted and we will not allow it”.

“The Congress remains quiet when Assam tea is defamed but on the other hand, it sings praises of Badruddin Ajmal whom Rahul Gandhi describes as Assam’s identity.

“Vaishnav saint Srimanta Sankardeva, Bharat Ratnas Gopinath Bordoloi and Bhupen Hazarika are linked with Assam’s identity and how can Ajmal represent that”? he asked.

The BJP president further asserted that it was the Prime Minister who ensured that road for permanent peace was paved in the state with the signing of the Bodo Accord which the Congress had failed to solve for the last 50 years, leading to the killing of thousands of people, including security personnel.

“It was Modji’s will, Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s planning and Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal’s execution that led to peace in the state and solution of a long-pending problem”, he asserted.

The BJP president further said that the commitments made in the party manifesto for Assam will be implemented in letter and spirit as the party makes promises and fulfils them.

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