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Courteney Cox Exudes ‘Monica Vibes’ As She Reveals Her Recipe Of ‘Best Baked Chicken’


It has been close to 18 years since the legendary sitcom ‘FRIENDS’ wrapped up but the fans are in no mood to get over the show anytime soon. Remember when Jennifer Aniston made her Instagram debut with a picture of the cast? The picture got so may ‘likes’ in a day that it made a new record. The news of the reunion also broke the internet recently. Each of the cast members may have done several memorable roles after the show, but they are best known for their parts in the sitcom. When Courteney Cox posted a video of her making baked chicken, all that fans could think of was ‘Monica Geller’, and how Courteney is not very different from the enthusiastic chef she played on ‘FRIENDS’. The comments section was filled with comments like “Monica Geller Vibes”, or “Monica Geller  In the kitchen” or “It’s monica the chef”. There were some very specific references from classic ‘FRIENDS’ episodes too. A user wrote “Was I the only one hoping that she’d put it on her head?” which was a callback to the episode where she puts a whole Turkey on her head to amuse another character.

In the Instagram reel posted by the 56-year old actress, she seasons whole chicken with kosher salt and herbs and bakes it in the pre-heated oven. 

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Then she proceeds to the leeks, which she slices thinly (like a pro) and rinses it thoroughly. The leeks are also baked and are generously spread all around the chicken. The baking tray goes inside the oven for one last time. Courteney also tries the chicken herself, and seems rather impressed by the “tender” baked chicken she cooked for herself. 

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In the description, the actress has also given the detailed recipe for all her fans. So very thoughtful of you Monica…we mean Courteney.

You can watch the full video here.

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