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Customer Abuses Staff At Fast Food Chain For Wrong Order, Reddit Reacts


One person’s faux pas can be another’s humour fix. The sight of a miffed customer at a food joint complaining about the service can be quite funny, especially when you’re not at the receiving end. We all have been there at some point or the other, and can relate to examples of customer service gone wrong. However, when things go a bit too far and the customer resorts to name-calling, then it’s no laughing matter. A recent video on Reddit shows an angry customer in a mask at an outlet of American fast-food restaurant chain Hardee’s, arguing over what he claims is an order gone wrong. Take a look:

Imagine thinking this is how a grown man deals with an incorrect order. from r/iamatotalpieceofshit

After a few seconds, he walks over to the other end of the restaurant, grabs a burger sitting on the counter, and storms out of the premises, but not before hurling expletives at a female staff member. The person posting the 53-second video titled it, “Imagine thinking this is how a grown man deals with an incorrect order.”

The video received over 28k upvotes and 2k comments on Reddit. It drew a few very angry responses from users, who called out the customer for inappropriate behaviour.

One person, who claimed to be a manager at a fast-food joint, sympathised with the cashier at whom the man was screaming. “I would see the joy and happiness slowly drained from my team members’ work-life because customers constantly would treat them like this.”

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A man hurled abuses at a fast food chain’s employees for a burger. 

There were also a few people who expressed concern about the woman’s safety. While one user wrote, “To have to be that woman whose safety was threatened because this man child couldn’t wait two minutes to have his Big Mac fixed is appalling,” another said it was hurtful that none intervened in the matter.

There were some who were doubting the intentions of the customer. Another angry user wrote, “I think it was just an elaborate way to get out of paying.”

There was also a user who proposed the way the customer could have handled the issue. “Imagine going up to a busy cashier and calmly saying: ‘Hey, I wanted to let you know my order came out wrong, I asked for A but I received B’. And then the cashier goes: ‘Sir, we apologise. We’ll have the correct order come out as soon as possible.’ And then you get your order and go about your day incident-free,” commented the user.

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