Delhi govt extends financial help of Rs 5,000 to auto-rickshaw, taxi drivers hit by COVID-19 crisis


New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday (May 4) announced that all auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers will receive Rs. 5000 each from the government as aid.

While addressing the media, the Delhi CM said, “All autorickshaw drivers and taxi drivers in Delhi will be given Rs 5000 each by Delhi govt so that they get a little help during this financial crisis.”

Apart from the financial aid to be provided, the CM announced that all ration card holders will be given free rations for the next two months, according to news agency ANI.

“We have decided that all ration card holders in Delhi, around 72 lakhs in number, will be given free ration for the next 2 months. It doesn’t mean that the lockdown will continue for 2 months. It is just being done to help the poor going through financial issues,” he added. 



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