Delhi Reports Over 8,500 Covid Cases In Biggest 1-Day Spike This Year


Delhi Reports Over 8,500 Covid Cases In Biggest 1-Day Spike This Year

Coronavirus: COVID-19 cases have been rising in Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi reported over 8,500 cases of COVID-19 today in the year’s biggest one-day spike. Today’s jump in cases is second only to the highest-ever reported on November 11 last year with 8,593 cases.

Government data shows Delhi reported 8,521 cases in the last 24 hours. 39 patients have died in the last one day. The total cases in Delhi now stand at 7,06,526.

Experts have blamed new coronavirus variants and people’s carelessness about following anti-COVID-19 rules for the rise in cases.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has demanded that the vaccination drive be opened to other age groups.

All schools and colleges will be closed in Delhi given the huge rise in coronavirus cases in the capital, along with other parts of the country, Mr Kejriwal said today.

Several states and territories including Delhi have announced new restrictions such as night curfews amid a new wave of COVID-19 that has pushed infection numbers to record highs.

India reported nearly 1.32 lakh new infections and 780 deaths on Friday – the biggest daily increase in fatalities since mid-October. Most of the cases again came from Maharashtra, home to financial capital Mumbai.

Inching closer to Brazil’s 1.32 crore caseload, the number of coronavirus cases in India has swelled to 1.3 crore – the third-highest after the United States and the South American country – and total deaths to 1,67,642.


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