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Diabetes? Here’s A High-Fibre, High Protein Cheela You’d Love To Start Your Day With


We know that it is not easy to manage diabetes, especially when you know there is no known cure for diabetes. One has to constantly monitor what one eats while leading a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is a condition in which our body is either not able to produce enough insulin or is not able to respond to the insulin produced. It currently afflicts millions of people across the world; and according to a study published in the year 2018, about 98 million Indians are at risk of developing diabetes by the year 2030. Fortunately, there is enough discourse around the condition, people are able to manage it much more successfully and have a much-nuanced knowledge of what works for their body and what does not. If you happen to be a diabetic too and are still not sure of what exactly ‘work’s and what doesn’t, it is absolutely okay – we are here to help.

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Besan may help control blood sugar levels
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According to various health experts, it is always a good idea to refrain from simple carbs, instead, one should opt for more fibre-rich foods. Fibre takes time to break down and digest, which helps keep your blood sugar levels in control. So, vegetables and nuts are a good option, but you have to be a little careful while choosing flour. The rule is simple, choose the one with the best quality fibre and protein. Besan (or gram flour) is one of the healthier flours you can experiment with. It is a good thing that the flour is so versatile, you can make just about anything with it.

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Cheela is a pan-cake like dish

Besan ka cheela is one of India’s most beloved breakfast. It is essentially a thin crepe or pancake-like dish that is made using a besan. Besan and water are combined to make a runny batter. You can season it using chillies, veggies and masalas of your liking. This runny batter is then dropping on a hot skillet or tawa with the help of a ladle or spoon. Both the sides are roasted until crisp and served hot.

Click here for the full recipe of Paneer-Besan Cheela.

This besan cheela comes with an added goodness of paneer or cottage cheese, which is one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. This cheela is quite easy to make so that even if you are pressed for time, it will not take more than 10 minutes to prepare it.

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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