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DNA Exclusive: Afghan people ready to face death than to live under Taliban regime


New Delhi: Have you ever considered in a situation where you have to cross the path of death in order to achieve freedom, and will you ever do it? Today’s pictures from Kabul airport totally back the statement where thousands of people were seen at the Kabul airport awaiting flights out of Afghanistan. This comes a day after devastating bombings outside the Kabul airport that killed over 100 people. 

The death toll in the bomb explosion that took place outside the Kabul airport on Thursday, has climbed to 170. In spite of this, thousands of people returned again to the Kabul airport on Friday so as to flee the country and Taliban rule. 

The desperate scenes outside Kabul airport, where a suicide bomber killed at least 92 people on Thursday, have provided a dramatic image of the fears that many well-educated Afghans feel at the prospect of life under Taliban rule. With the afghani currency falling sharply, many banks still shut and food prices rising quickly, daily life has become much more difficult for many Afghans since the dramatic collapse of the Western-backed government this month.

The chaotic scene at Kabul airport clearly states that people no longer fear suicide attacks than getting their souls tortured in the slavery of the Taliban. On the one hand, there are Taliban insurgents, and on another, there are ISIS terrorists, who are ready to carry out a deadly attack any minute. However, the desire for freedom has brought an end to the fear from the minds of these Afghans.

And this is not just outside Kabul airport. Barely a few days ago, the entire world saw the pictures of Afghan citizens running after US planes and some even managing to climb and cling on it, only to fall to their deaths within minutes. Two people were killed after falling from the US-bound plane in this attempt. That day, we had expressed our concerns that those who have somehow managed to survive, may face attacks from Taliban insurgents. And that’s what happened. People who were waiting outside the Kabul airport, hoping to flee the country and torture from Taliban, were blown up in a suicide blast on Thursday. 

We can say that Afghan people can see death on both sides of the wall of Kabul airport. The hope of being evacuated from the country has removed the fear of suicide bombers from the minds of these people.

If you do yet not understand the value of freedom after seeing these pictures, you might have taken the freedom of India very lightly. There is a very fine line between slavery and death. Those who understand and value the meaning of freedom and independence should thank our country for it, before going to sleep tonight. 

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