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DNA Exclusive: Can India learn mask discipline from Taiwan to reign in COVID-19?


New Delhi: Even as India registers a spike in the number of coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday discussed the issue with the Chief Ministers of the states in a virutal meeting. It was in March nearly a year ago that a nation-wide lockdown had been imposed across the country to control the spread of the infection.

Prime Minister again needed to discuss this because the cases of coronavirus has once again under control. The Prime Minister sought suggestions from the Chief Ministers of the States and at the same time also urged caution to save vaccine wastage. As per the Union Health Ministry around 6 per cent of the total vaccine doses have been wasted in India.

On Wednesday, Zee News Editor-in-Chief Sudhir Chaudhary analysed the reason behind the sudden spike in cases and how people need to follow mask and social distancing rules.

In the past day, more than 28000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the country and 70 per cent of these cases have come from the four states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka and Gujarat.

On February 9, nearly 9000 cases of coronavirus infections were reported which was the lowest number of cases resgistered in a single day for 2021. But the cases increased rapidly and on February 16, more than 11 thousand new cases were detected. While today there have been 28000 cases of coronavirus.

The major reason attributed for this surge in coronavirus case is the non-compliance of social distancing norms and people not following the mask rule. 

India could learn a lot from a small nation like Taiwan. The island country has reported its first case of coronavirus infection in January 2020 and the total tally of patients there is 990. The number of active patients is only 26 at the moment. And so far a total of 10 people have died. The population of this country is 20 million.

While the national capital has a population of 3 crore and the number of active cases is 2500 and about 11 thousand people have succumbed to the disease.

India’s daily coronavirus tally jumped by 28,903, taking the caseload to 2,34,406, data from the health ministry showed on Wednesday.

The reason for Taiwan’s success is because of the discipline of the people there, temperature checks are undertaken everywhere in the country, people do not leave their homes without a hand sanitizer and mask. While people in our country have forgotten the past crucial days when coronavirus infection was spreading in India.

Globally, the number of coronavirus infections reached more than 120 million and more than 26 lakh people have died. The US is at the top spot followed by Brazil and then India at number three.

In the last 24 hours, there have been more than 53,000 cases in the US, 84,000 cases have been reported in Brazil and about 30,000 cases from France.


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