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DNA exclusive: Heartwrenching pictures show Taliban’s terrorising takeover of Afghanistan


New Delhi: There is a barbed wire that is separating the US and UK troops from the thousands of desperate Afghans trying to flee the country at the Kabul airport. From behind the wire and gates, these men and women have been crying for help from the troops. A report by Sky News narrated how the daily experience of standing guard against the Taliban and the thousands of Afghans pleading for help have been haunting the troops. A senior British official told reporters that some of the troops were crying at night after seeing women throwing their children over barbed wire, asking soldiers to catch them on the other side. 

After the Taliban insurgents took control of Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans were seen rushing to the airport in a bid to hope that they would be able to jet off on a plane and escape the barbaric torture of the Taliban. However, after they realised that it was difficult to enter the airport, these people decided to stay out and send their children inside the airport, so as to secure their lives. Shocking videos have surfaced on social media showing women and parents throwing their children on the barbed wire towards the troops at the Kabul airport pleading them to ‘catch the little ones’. The pictures and clips are heartwarming enough to disrupt your sleep for the next few nights. 

After 20 years of war, the Taliban swept to victory and completed their shocking rapid advances across the country by capturing Kabul on Augsut 15. This came after US and UK troops announced their withdrawl following a deal between the US and Taliban, two decades after the US forces overthrew the insurgents from power in 2001. The conflict killed thousands of people and left millions displaced. 

Children or parents of those born in Afghanistan in the last two decades must have dreamt of a better life. Some of them had wanted to be a sportsman or a doctor or engineer and some may be a scientist. However, with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fleeing from the country and taking refugees in UAE and leaving its citizens at the hand of Taliban, changed everything.

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