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DNA Exclusive: India celebrates Constitution Day – What makes it unique, where was Opposition?


New Delhi: India commemorates November 26 of each year as its Constitution Day, as it was exactly 71 years ago that our freedom fighters, great thinkers along with the people of India decided that our country will be governed by its constitution and not by any religion or a religious book.

Zee News anchor Sachin Arora on Friday (November 26)  discussed how leaders and politicians with different perspectives put the country ahead of their individual ideologies and came together to come up with the constitution that runs the country where all people are treated equally, irrespective of their religion, caste, race, or ethnicity.

The rights and duties that the Constitution ensures are the sole fascinating facets. Several facts make it one of the best constitutions that helps govern a robust democratic country. Here are some astonishing facts regarding the constitution:

After approval, the constitution was written on special papers that lasts for a thousand years.

The weight of this written copy of the constitution 251 pages is about 4 kilograms. 

On 24 January 1950, 292 representatives of the Constituent Assembly signed this copy of the Constitution.

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India was held on 9 December 1946.

A total of 11 sessions of the Constituent Assembly were held for the making of the constitution. A total of 53,000 people attended these conventions.

The draft of the constitution in both Hindi and English languages was handwritten by the committee that means no typing or printing was involved in it.

Before drafting the constitution, the constitution of 60 countries was studied under the guidance of BN Rao, advisor to the Constituent Assembly.

India’s constitution is the largest among the countries of the world as it has more than 1 lakh 46 thousand words while the US Constitution is the shortest written constitution in the whole world. 

However, the contemporary political parties failed to follow into the footsteps of their predecessors, who overlooked their individual differences for the Constitution. On Friday (November 26, 2021), the Congress-led Opposition boycotted the Constitution Day event in the Central Hall of Parliament, disrespecting the very constitution that led them to the Parliament.

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