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DNA Exclusive: The saga of most celebrated wrestler to most wanted absconder


New Delhi: Who was once hailed as a champion in the wrestling world is now most wanted by Delhi police. He is multiple Olympics medalist Sushil Kumar. He is accused of being involved in the murder of wrestler Sagar Dhankhar on May 4 at Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium and has been absconding ever since.

Zee News Anchor Sachin Arora on Thursday (May 20) narrated the saga of one of the most celebrated wrestlers, Sushil Kumar, who has now fallen so low he has to go in hiding.

Sushil Kumar had a glorious career. He ended the 56-year-long wait by winning a bronze medal for the country at the 2008 Olympic Games. Then he won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games and was awarded the Padma Shri in 2011 by the President.

Today who is running away from the police on charges of murder. The police have placed a reward of Rs 1 lakh for intel on his whereabouts.

The success story of Sushil Kumar starts from the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi and this is the very place where he has been charged with murder.

On 4 May, wrestler Sagar Dhankar and his friends were attacked at Chhatrasal Stadium. In this attack, Dhankhar was killed. Sushil Kumar and some of his fellow wrestlers were accused of murder. After this incident, a video surfaced that shows Kumar leaving the Stadium in his car after the murder. That is, he was present inside when the murder occurred.

The police say they have incriminating evidence against Kumar on his involvement in the murder. That is why he is running away.

There are three reasons being cited as to why wrestler Sagar Dhankhar was killed.

First, Dhankar and Kumar had a dispute over money, due to which it is possible that Sagar was murdered.

Second, Sagar used to live on rent in Sushil Kumar’s house. Kumar sent him a notice to vacate this house but Dhankhar refused, after which the confrontation between the two escalated.

The third reason is believed to be gang rivalry. Dhankhar’s friend Sonu, who was injured in this attack, is allegedly associated with a dangerous gang. The police are looking at this angle as well.

The murder of Sagar Dhankhar has not only tarnished Sushil Kumar’s image but has also damaged the reputation of Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium, which is considered a ‘wrestling mecca’ in India. But lately, the stadium has become a power center for some big wrestlers.


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