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Do You Eat Rice With Hands? This Twitter Post By Royal Expert Might Offend You Like Others


Twitter post commenting on eating rice with hands, outraged Indians. (Image: iStock)


  • A Twitter post claimed that rice should be eaten with cutlery.
  • It outraged desi Twitterati used to eating rice with hands.
  • Here are some angered Twitter reactions you must eat.

Rice is a staple in Indian cuisine, especially in south India, and most people like to eat their rice meal with the use of their hands. This is just an age-old custom that has been passed down generations and everyone swears that food tastes better when eaten with hands, not any cutlery. But a British man seemed to have outraged these set of people with his tweet opposing their belief. Twitter user ‘The Royal Butler’, Britain’s etiquette expert, posted a picture of an almost-finished plate of rice and claimed that rice is best eaten with a knife, fork or chopsticks.

According to the bio of The Royal Butler, he is also a Royal Commentator/Aide and former butler to Princes Charles, William and Harry. He decided to share his knowledge of royal eating etiquettes via a Twitter post that drew the ire of desi Twitterati. He wrote in his post, “Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat rice! We do not use our hands or fingers!!!”

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The post outraged many Indians on Twitter who shunned this post outrightly. Not letting their desi practice of eating rice being shot down like that, they poured in several comments in their defence.

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Rice is a staple dish of Indian cuisine. 


 Here are some of the outraged reactions:

“It’s their own damn right to eat rice using whatever they want. Most of us, using fingers/hand.”

“Ladies & gentlemen, remember WE always use d most flexible, hygienic, portable, eco-friendly, no-cost instrument called HAND which basically is a Spoon+ knife+fork to eat rice & other things! We do use our metal cutlery depending on occasion/place. Basically WE ARE OPEN MINDED. Are u?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always take bath twice a day, maintain proper hygiene and hence use our hands or fingers to eat rice..”

“Thank you very much, we prefer our hands and fingers to eat and we are unapologetic about it.”

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