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Drink Up: These DIY Summer Cooler Premixes Are Our Current Favourite – Watch Recipe Video


Summer can be really brutal. Just when you think you coped up with the scorching heat by switching on ACs and fans, your health starts acting weird. Dehydration, indigestion, bloating and more- we face various health issues during the season, mostly because of the excess heat in the body. This is why experts stress upon adequate hydration to keep up the balance in our body. We love chugging gallons of juices, smoothies, shakes and coolers. These fluids not only help maintain water balance in our body, but also cool us down from within. Some of our favourite coolers are aam panna, chaas, coconut water etc. But we often run out of these fresh drinks, and that is when we resort to the store-bought coolers.

We find various cooler premixes at every grocery store that helps you avoid all the fuss of making the juice or aam panna. All you need to do is pour the premix in a glass, add water, dissolve and drink: that’s it. And the best part is, these premixes are handy and can be carried anywhere you want. But what if we say we have a recipe that can help you prepare this premix at home? Yes, you heard us. We found a super easy premix recipe that can be prepared in no time.

This recipe has been shared by food vlogger Jyoti Dalmia on her YouTube channel ‘Magic in my Food’. According to Jyoti, this recipe includes zero calories and can be great for the ones on diet. You can easily carry it anywhere you want, she adds. Let’s take a look at the recipes.

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Recipe 1. How To Make Orange Cooler:

In a bowl, add half tsp stevia, a pinch of salt, 5-6 citric acid crystals, a pinch of edible orange colour and 2-3 drops of orange essence. Mix everything and transfer it to a tumbler and carry anywhere you want. While drinking add some cold water, ice-cubes (optional) and stir. And your orange cooler is ready in no time. You may also replace cold water with club soda to enjoy a fizzy soft drink.

Recipe 2. How To Make Rose Cooler:

In a bowl, take half tsp stevia, 2-3 citric acid crystals, a pinch of edible pink colour or rose emulsion and rose essence and mix.

Recipe 3. How To Make Khus Khus Cooler:

In this recipe, you just need to add 2-3 drops of khus essence, a pinch of green colour and a pinch of salt in half tsp stevia. No citric acid goes into this mix.

Easy, right? What are you waiting for? Get hold of these ingredients and stash in your pantry for whenever you need them. And do let us know which one you liked the most.

Watch The Complete Recipe Video Here:

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