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Entrepreneur Kushal Gupta, a messiah for aspiring youth and helpless people


New Delhi: Kushal Gupta is a name which is called by every deprived person for any kind of help as Kushal is always there to support them in their thick and thin. Kushal Gupta is a Delhi-based social worker and youth welfare enthusiast. From the age of 19 when young people are on another level in spending their time in unfruitful activities, Kushal was actively involved in finding ways to improve the life of poverty-driven people who faces a lot of hurdles in leading simple day to day life.

Along with all the social work, Kushal has been actively involved in youth welfare-related activities. He is Secretary of Delhi Wrestling Association and Vice President of Delhi Kusti Mahasangh, therefore, being on such responsible positions, Kushal organizes sports competitions specially Dangals all around the country to provide the stage for young wrestlers who lacks facilities to show their talent. These companions are held on quite a large scale that attracts the eye of all big players in the sports industry which ultimately helps young athletes to achieve their goals.

To implement his social welfare strategy Kushal Gupta is associated with many esteemed and devoted NGOs which help him to organize free medical camps for regular health check-ups, eyes, dental and to prevent other seasonal diseases. Along with it, Kushal relates to many religious institutions, temple committees that organize many religious activities all over the year as to develop and spread the right knowledge about the religion is quite critical for Kushal.

During the first wave of COVID-19, the whole country was standstill due to unpreceded measures like lockdown were implemented to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This step helped in restricting the active cases and deaths but it shook the entire life of so many people who were dependent on their daily income through many sources, workers of the MSME sector also lost their jobs as all manufacturing units and people interacting industries were shut down for an indeterminate time. In this time of uncertainty, daily wagers and laborers started moving to their native places due to a lack of money and survival amenities. This is the time when concerned people like Kushal Gupta came forward to help all these people with food, shelter, and medical facilities. This timely help saved the precious life of countless people and Kushal got a lot of praise and accolades for his philanthropy work.

Kushal Gupta and his dedicated team were also there for the people when at the start of the year 2021, the second wave of COVID-19 caught the country on the wrong foot and hit hard in terms of the enormous increase in daily active cases and a horrible number of deaths. The situation was such devastating that to get the hospital beds in government and private hospitals for corona patients was a huge struggle. People were losing their life due to medical oxygen and ambulances’ lack of availability. Kushal with his team worked tirelessly and bravely in providing beds, oxygen cylinders/concentrators, and ambulances to the needy people. The efforts of Kushal and the team proved the lifeline for the people who were grasping at straws.

Kushal Gupta is doing what every young and capable person must do for the people who need help as in Kushal’s words, this is true patriotism for the country because if every citizen’s lifestyle improves, the country grows automatically. Kushal’s dedication, perseverance, and hard work are paying off as so many young people are inspired by seeing his work and assisting him in the true cause of compassion.


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