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Father’s Day 2021: Sonakshi Sinha is proud to call herself ‘Shotgun Junior’


New Delhi: Actress Sonakshi Sinha is a ‘daddy’s girl’ and on Father’s Day 2021 she shares how her father, actor-politician Shatrugan Sinha has influenced her life.

Talking to a news daily, the actress shared that people complement her for being her father’s daughter.

“He has influenced my life in a big way. People compliment me for being my father’s daughter, and for being like him in so many ways. There is a certain way that he has led his life — he has never been diplomatic, has a unique persona and a larger-than-life presence. I have taken a small percentage of that, and it has made me who I am. It is because of the upbringing my parents gave me. I take pride in calling myself Shotgun Junior,” Sonakshi told ETimes.

The actress shared that the pandemic induced lockdown and restriction has given her a lot of time to bond with her father, who was frequently away due to work commitments when she was a child.

“Between last year and this year, my father has been home extensively, and I have had a chance to be around him for longer spells. Today’s a day when I think I am just going to pamper him all day…we’ll watch a film or two together, cut a cake and spend the day as he wishes to. Throughout my life, I had only seen him travelling for his work commitments. This phase is a time when we’re making up for all that lost time. Girls are generally considered to be closer to their fathers, and I was no different in that sense. I was my daddy’s girl, but as I grew up, I became both mom and dad’s favourite baccha — a situation I am very happy with,” shared Sonakshi.

The actress also opened up about taking up an acting project with her father. The 34 years old feels she would love to work with her father but it has to be something special that excites both of them.


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