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Food Order Gone Horribly Wrong – Funny Twitter Post Amused Other Users


A girl’s food order came opposite of what she requested.


  • A girl in Dublin ordered her fries with a hint of garlic.
  • But she got the opposite of what she requested.
  • She posted a picture of the order on Twitter.

Nothing brings us more joy than to receive our food delivery package, especially when we are famished. Don’t you agree? But this joy turned into an utter disappointment for this young girl in Dublin who got her order all messed up. Taylor Phelan decided to not cook one day and ordered crispy fries from a local restaurant. What she wanted were some chipper chips with a hint of garlic, but she got the exact opposite of it. She went on to post the picture of her destroyed order and wondered if it was for real or was it a joke played on her by the restaurant.

On her Twitter account, Taylor Phelan posted a screenshot of her conversation with the restaurant along with the picture of the order received. According to the messages, she specifically added a note requesting ‘Contact -fee delivery’ and “only a small bit of garlic on the chips, please”. Looks like the restaurant missed this obvious note and instead sent the fries dunked in a sea of garlic sauce. Taylor wrote on the post: “Hahahha is this a joke?” Well, by the looks of it, this surely looks more like a joke than a mistake. What do you think?

Here’s the post:

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The Twitter post drew in more than 50k likes and over 2k comments. The users were visibly amused by the hilarity of the mistake by the restaurant. Some just reacted jokingly with comments like:

“Getting them glasses to see better next time?”

“That’s what you get for calling fries “chips”

“Our local curry house have a funny little prank where when I ask for something not too spicy.  They make it hotter than beezlebubs bung hole!”

“Same when I get a haircut. Ask for a little bit off then they spin me around and Mr potato head is looking back at me.”

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Some offered the poster solutions to save the dish:

“This guy stayed fairly dry. Maybe a few others survived too”

“Tip the box upside down…surely it hasn’t gone all the way through”


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And one another restaurant offered its own food delivery service sans mistake:

“We’ll sort you out with some proper chipper chips. Our garlic sauce is made in-store too. DM us for a complimentary meal”

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