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Former RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin dies due to COVID-19 at hospital in Delhi


New Delhi: Former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Mohammad Shahabuddin has died of COVID-19 at a hospital in Delhi, reported ANI on Saturday (May 1, 2021) morning.

Mohammad Shahabuddin who was serving a life sentence for murder, passed away aged 53. 

The news of his demise comes three days after the Delhi High Court directed the AAP government and the prison authority to ensure proper medical supervision and care of Shahabuddin.

Justice Prathiba M Singh had said the doctor on duty for looking after COVID-19 patients shall monitor Shahabuddin’s health condition and treatment and if required, also consult with senior doctors of the hospital.

The court had also directed that the former RJD MP be permitted to speak to a family member twice a day and disposed of his plea for protection of his life and monitoring of the treatment being provided to him at the hospital.

However, the Delhi government additional standing counsel Santosh K Tripathi had said that as per the prison rules, calls to family members are not permitted when a prisoner is outside the jail.

He also told the court that proper medical care was being provided to Shahabuddin and the same shall continue.

The Bihar leader, in his plea, had said that he apprehended that he would not get the proper treatment as there was a scarcity of oxygen and other medicines in Delhi. He had also alleged that he was apprehending the mismanagement of his health situation at the hands of the doctors at the behest of the opposite political leaders in Delhi.

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