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Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai! Krafton drops hints that Battlegrounds is PUBG made for India


New Delhi: At least 20 million Indians who have pre-registered for the Battlegrounds Mobile India game are impatiently waiting for its launch.  

Since the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India was confirmed by Krafton, many gamers and media outlets have been working hard to find the resemblances between the two games. 

Responding to all such speculations, Krafton has somewhat admitted that Battlegrounds Mobile India shares similarities with PUBG Mobile. In a recent statement, Krafton CEO CH Kim said, “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Indian fans for their overwhelming response to the Battlegrounds IP first developed by me and my team in 2017.”
“The Battlegrounds IP received love and acclaim from players worldwide, and Krafton will continue to build on the IP. That effort includes bringing amazing content to Battlegrounds Mobile India and providing an incomparable battle royale experience to our players,” he was quoted as saying by IGN India report.

The Battlegrounds IP reference made by Kim in his announcement hints at the popular battle royale game PUBG. The IP ‘loved globally’ means that the game is a global game, and we all know that it could be PUBG. The same IP will now be used for Battlegrounds. 

In any which ways, gamers are waiting to get the first-hand experience of the game as soon as it releases. While Krafton hasn’t officially released the launch date, media reports suggest that the game is all set to be launched on June 18. 

However, clouds of troubles are hovering over the game. Recently, Member of Parliament from Nizamabad (Telangana) Arvind Dharampuri wrote to IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad regarding the relaunch of the banned PUBG Mobile game as Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

Previously, two other politicians of the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party have raised their concerns regarding the re-launch of PUBG as Battlegrounds Mobile India. 


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