Ghazipur resident starts wood bank for cremation of needy, unclaimed corpses


New Delhi: A resident of Uttar Pradesh Sanjay Rai ‘Sherpuria’ has started a wood bank for the needy in Ghazipur, amid the rising deaths due to COVID-19

This wood bank is an initiative by Sanjay Rai ‘Sherpuria’ and will be available in the Ghazipur district for the unclaimed corpses and needy. 

Sanjay Rai revealed that the idea, of setting up a wood bank for the needy, came after he realised that even the wood which is used for cremation of the corpses are being black marketed in the area. 

It came to his attention that many unprivileged people were not even able to cremate their family members properly due to the malpractices in the area. He was shocked to see that due to this problem, many individuals were forced to immerse the body of their loved ones into the water bodies nearby, like Ganga. 

After witnessing such harsh realities, Sanjay Rai was determined to set up a wood bank which will not only provide wood for cremation to the needy, but also the unclaimed bodies.

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