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‘Go dress up well’: Woman MP removed from Parliament for wearing tight-fitting pants


In a shocking incident, a Member of Parliament (MP) in Tanzania was removed from the National Assembly because of her tight-fitting trousers. The incident took place on Tuesday (June 1). 

“Go dress up well, and…Join us back later,” the Speaker Job Ndugai told Condester Sichwale, a female Tanzanian lawmaker. Ndugai remarks comes after a male MP Hussein Amar, protested about her dress. 

Legislator Hussein Amar argued that Parliament was a reflection of society, citing a portion of Parliament’s rules forbidding female legislators from wearing tight jeans.

“Some of our sisters are wearing strange clothes…What are they showing to the society?” Ndugai said. Ndugai quoted the parliamentary rules saying women are allowed to wear trousers, but specified that the clothes should not be tight-fitting.

Sichwale returned later in a navy blue skirt.

The news was shared on social by a local Tanzanian source. 


Meanwhile, Tanzanian MPs Jacqueline Ngonyani and Stella Manyanya formed a group shortly the matter after to insist that there was nothing wrong with Sichalwe’s outfit, and asking her to leave the meeting and change her clothes was “unfair.”

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