Gold Price Today, 06 June 2021: Gold prices increase, but still cheaper by Rs 7290 from record highs


New Delhi: Gold prices saw a decent hike on Sunday (June 6) across the country. In Delhi, the 24-carat gold rates jumped to Rs 49,300 per 10 gram. The 22-carat gold’s price in the national capital stood at Rs 48,300 per 10 grams on June 6. 

In comparison, there were no changes in the prices of silver on Sunday. The poor man’s gold was retailing at Rs 71,600 per kilogram in all major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru. 

In the past two weeks, gold prices have remained weak. Historically speaking, gold is currently selling around Rs 7000 cheaper than its all-time high price of around Rs 56,000. 

The positive US economic data is one of the major cause behind the dramatic fall in the prices of gold after it hit a record high in August 2020. 

The 22 carat gold in Mumbai is retailing at Rs 48,310 per 10 grams. The 24-carat gold is selling at Rs 49,300 in the financial hub of India. Also Read: Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery to start from June 16: Check the hallmark signs before buying

The per 10-gram price of 22-carat gold and 24-carat gold in Chennai are Rs 46,160 and Rs 50,360, respectively. Coming to Kolkata, the 22-carat gold is selling at Rs 47,910 per 10 gram. The 24-carat gold is currently retailing at Rs 50,710 per 10 gram in the city of joy. 

Gold prices in Indian cities: 

City         22-carat gold price         24-carat gold price 

Bangalore        Rs  45,910                    Rs  50,080

Hyderabad       Rs  45,910                    Rs  50,080

Pune                Rs  48,310                    Rs  49,950

Jaipur              Rs  47,110                    Rs  51,260

Lucknow         Rs  47,110                    Rs  51,260

Patna               Rs  48,310                    Rs  49,950

Chandigarh     Rs  47,110                    Rs  51,260

Surat               Rs  48,210                    Rs  50,210

– The data is sourced from Good Returns.


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