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Google files patent for foldable devices, might launch smartphones


Google has reportedly filed a patent that signals the tech giant’s entry into the foldable devices business. According to a report by PatentlyApple, Google’s patent is titled “Hinge Mechanism by Gear Set with Slider for Foldable Display Device”. 

The patent suggests that Google might soon launch a foldable smartphone, tablet, or even a netbook. The internet search giant has highlighted issues with the current foldable devices in its patent. The company has also stated that its patent offers a solution to the existing problems with foldable devices. 

To start with, Google has pointed out the flaws of the conventional hinge mechanisms that are used by foldable smartphone makers currently. It has then offered a solution in which “a device may include a hinge assembly having a slider mechanism and a set of gears. The slider mechanism and the set of gears operate to transfer a rotational movement into a translational movement of one of a first housing or second housing.”

In simpler terms, Google claims that its hinge mechanism will allow flexible devices to bend easily without any risk of damage or breakage. The mechanism can transfer a rotational movement of the flexible devices, the company claims. 

However, it’s unlikely that the mechanism is ready because Google has just filed a patent. This means that the company’s engineering team might be working on the device, which would be launched after it ticks all the boxes. Therefore, it can’t be said that Google will launch a foldable phone for sure. 

Anyways, Google’s interest in foldable devices has come after several other brands have launched their own foldable smartphones. Recently, Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi joined the likes of Huawei and Samsung in making foldable devices. With Google’s entry in sight, will more brands jump on the foldable device bandwagon? 


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