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How to boost CRS points for Canada Immigration?


Canada’s PR immigration process is quite competitive, only the candidates with highest CRS points are sent the Invitations to Apply for a permanent resident status. Many applicants submit their Express Entry profile and then realise that their CRS score is lower than required to make for the draw’s cut-off.

If you have submitted your Express Entry profile for Canada immigration and are now waiting for the ITA being concerned about your low CRS score, there are chances that you can improve the points. Having a passive attitude may make you miss out on the opportunity for improving your rank amongst other candidates.

The first thing you need to know is that the comprehensive ranking score is a dynamic process, and your submitted score is not locked in, therefore you can take measures to improve it. Some steps may give you a minor hike but there are a few that can make a major difference in your overall score like applying under a PNP stream of immigration. These improvements can very well increase your chances of obtaining an ITA in a draw. The following are a few measures you can adopt to boost your CRS score:

·         Claim points for Adaptability

If you have a sister/brother or common law partner or and other relative through blood, marriage, adoption etc, chances are you can get up to additional 15 points.

·         Increase points for Education

If you are applying under CEC (Canadian Experience Class) or Federal Skilled Trade Class (FSTC), you do not have to submit an ECA and you might be leaving up to 200 points unclaimed. For example, even if you did a diploma five years ago and it isn’t related to your current job, you should still claim it in your Express Entry profile. Education is worth up to 150 points and 50 more can be achieved by showing a Canadian work experience.

·         Claim points for an additional second language

You can very well claim points for both English and French as second languages under your CRS calculator. There are bonus points allotted to bilingual applicants.

·         Retake your language proficiency test

If you think you haven’t lived up to your maximum capability in your language test then, this is how you can increase your CRS points. Points for language proficiency can be worth 260 points for a single candidate. This factor can make an incremental difference in your overall score. You can get help by choosing a good IELTS trainer. Nationwide Visas provide absolutely free of cost IELTS coaching through a CELTA certified trainer. You can contact them to boost your CRS score.

·         Apply for a Provincial Nomination Program

This is a sure shot way to make a considerable difference in your profile. If you sure of a particular province or territory you can apply through one of its streams of immigration and get up to 600 points boost in your CRS score.

·         Get a Canadian job offer

Though to claim points under the Express Entry by getting a job offer has to meet very particular set of conditions, it can be an important factor in getting additional 50 CRS points.

These technicalities can be quite daunting for a common applicant, therefore seeking help of an experienced immigration consultant could be a great idea. If you are looking for the best immigration consultant in India, you can contact Nationwide Immigration Services to get an impeccable guidance on ensuring your immigration success. They have accredited visa representatives who specialise in all Canada immigration visas and can assist you with improving your CRS scores with their dynamic guidance.

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