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How To Make Aquafaba (Chickpea Water): A Vegan Substitute For Eggs For Baking


In Latin, ‘aqua’ means water and ‘faba’ means bean. Therefore, aquafaba stands for water in which any kind of legume – like chickpea and white beans – is either cooked or stored. This water has been there forever; it didn’t get much attention until 2015 when an American software engineer named Goose Wohlt took to Facebook to post about how he used chickpea water to make meringue at home. You can also include it as a foaming agent in different recipes. This vegan experiment disseminated worldwide and in no time, it ended up being a global trend.

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This brings up the question – why aquafaba is deemed a vegan substitute for egg whites? It is certainly because of its ability to transform into fluffy foam after whipping, just like the texture we get after whisking egg whites. Besides, it can also be used as a binding and thickening agent in cake batter, macaroons, marshmallows et al. People have also been using aquafaba to prepare vegan versions of the mocktails and cocktails that traditionally include mayonnaise, eggs etc.

How To make Aquafaba At Home | Chickpea Water Recipe:

Step 1: Soak 1 cup of dried chickpea overnight or at least for 5-6 hours.

Step 2: Drain out the water in which the chickpea was soaked, rinse and drain again.

Step 3: Add 2 cups of water to a pressure cooker, or you can also boil them in a pan until soft.

Step 4: Strain the chickpea, keep it aside and transfer the liquid to a large container.

Step 5: Whip the liquid by using a hand blender until foamy.

Points To Remember:

  • If you are making marshmallows or any sweet dessert, you will have to whip the liquid for 10-15 minutes.
  • It is mandatory to soak the chickpea at least 5-6 hours before boiling.
  • You can refrigerate the leftover foam for 3-4 days.

Try this egg substitute in your favourite desserts and make it vegan, healthy and protein-rich. And do not forget to share the picture of your dessert with us.


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