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Hyundai Alcazar: The First Encounter – carandbike


The new Hyundai Alcazar is expected to be launched in India in a matter of few weeks

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The new Hyundai Alcazar is expected to be launched in India in a matter of few weeks
The Hyundai Alcazar is here. Well, almost, and so as has become customary these days it seems we must begin with a look at the camouflaged car, before we can see the uncovered one. While I will admit that we were shown an uncovered one too, at the event in Bishangarh – close to Jaipur, Rajasthan. And also I drove it, mind you. Very briefly. Yes – brief is the theme today! So am I calling this a first look? Well now that would be pretty ridiculous because for a first look you would have to actually be able to ‘look’ at the whole car! Now, is this a first drive impression? Yes okay I drove the car a little bit – but not enough to tell you everything you would like to know about it. So, what I am I doing here today? Telling you everything we currently know about the Alcazar that has been strategically revealed by Hyundai to begin encashing on its anticipation.

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The Hyundai Alcazar name comes from the term used for Portuguese or Spanish Moorish castles

It all began with the imagery of castles and royalty when the Hyundai Alcazar teasers first hit a few weeks ago. And that’s what Hyundai wants you think when you think of the Alcazar – named for Portuguese or Spanish Moorish castles. So being at the magnificent Bishangarh Fort hotel was only fitting I suppose. The Alcazar will be Hyundai’s next launch – in a matter of weeks.



The Hyundai Alcazar gets a brand new 2.0-litre petrol engine, and a 1.5-litre diesel motor borrowed from the Creta

The Alcazar shares a lot with the Creta and yet is a different animal – targeted at a different buyer says Hyundai. So besides the obvious difference – which is size – the Alcazar also gets its own powertrain – where also size matters. You have a brand new bigger, naturally aspirated 2-litre petrol that makes 157 bhp and 191 Nm of peak torque. And that’s the engine I got a chance to drive for around 10 minutes. Seems promising, but I need more time with it. The hint of body roll was a concern for me, but not overly. Ride quality also seems promising, as did rear seat comfort on the go. The variant I drove was a 6-seater with captain seats in row two. And yes – I did experience the rear seats while the car was moving.

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The new Hyundai Alcazar also comes with a new twin-tailpipe setup that adds a sporty touch to the SUV

Yes there is definitely a diesel Alcazar too – that uses the familiar 1.5 litre U2 VGT motor we know from the Creta and many others. Same power output and torque (113 bhp, 250 Nm) as on the Creta, but Hyundai says it has shorter gear ratios. I can confirm that when I get to drive one. Transmission options include a 6-speed auto or manual on both fuel types. And yes that means no 7-Speed DCT or dual clutch – and no turbo petrol engine either. But Hyundai is going for segment best mileage figures on both fuel types. We don’t have those numbers as yet, just the promise.

Tech and Interior


The Alcazar we drove was the 6-seater version with captain seats in row two, however we can’t show you that at the moment

It is a three row SUV – we know that. And we also know that Hyundai has said there will be a six and a seven-seater configuration. The second row captain seats will be optional. But what has got me interested – the 2760 mm wheelbase. On the Creta it is 2610. So that means 150 mm more space between the wheels. That’s unlike most other three-row SUVs, which seem to maintain the same wheelbase on both the 5 or 7 seater variant. So you can be sure – you’re getting a little more space in the Hyundai Alcazar cabin – than on the Creta. That is also because the rear overhang is longer. We don’t have the full dimensions yet, but visually you can tell it is more than on the Creta. You also have an extra quarter fixed-glass window for row three – creating a d-pillar for the look of more cargo and cabin space. Yes that means boot space will also be a whole lot more generous.


Among other interior elements, the Hyundai Alcazar also gets the same sized panoramic sunroof as the Creta

The Hyundai Alcazar’s interior will feature a whole host of features like ventilated front seats, and AC vents for all three rows. Also expect Creta-like equipment on infotainment, including a Bose sound system and the same sized panoramic sunroof. But expect a plusher cabin overall.



The new Alcazar is bigger than the Creta and Hyundai has used 75 per cent high strength and advanced high strength steel in its construction

The Alcazar’s body uses over 75 per cent high strength and advanced high strength steel. So it promises more protection. But again we will have to await more details on all the safety equipment. I do expect the top spec to have more equipment like stability control and multiple airbags, besides ISOFIX child seat anchors, etc.



The new Hyundai Alcazar comes with similar LED headlamps and alloy wheels, however the metal sculpting is a tad different along the sides

The face has a bolder and bigger grille, and yet the lights and face will remind of the Creta straight away. The metal sculpting is a tad different along the sides – I have seen the unwrapped car too remember? You can still see the alloy wheel pattern, and the door handle – it has a little metal trim on it. Expect similar colours as the Creta, but maybe one-odd signature shade too. At the back is where the car looks completely different. And the big reason for that, is the taillight; as also different design and trim on the tailgate. There is likely a lot of chrome and yet the width implied by it will help the car look bolder. I am relieved that it is distinct – especially since many of you know how you felt about the taillight on the Creta! This one looks better, but a little predictable and like something you feel you have seen before.


The market launch and price announcement for the new Hyundai Alcazar is expected in May 2021

Expected Price and Launch


The Hyundai Alcazar will have its global debut at the end of April, and although it will end up in some other markets, it is primarily a for-India product. The market launch and price announcement is expected in May 2021. And the Alcazar will primarily compete with the recently launched Tata Safari, MG Hector Plus and the upcoming second generation Mahindra XUV 500 and I expect pricing to settle between ₹ 15 and 20 lakh across at least 3 trims on each fuel type.

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