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India welcomes ceasefire between Israel and Hamas at UNHRC


New Delhi: At a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Palestine, India has welcomed the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The ceasefire was announced earlier this month after over 10 days of rocket firing and violence from both sides.

India said, “We welcome the diplomatic efforts of the international community and regional countries that have resulted in bringing ceasefire between Israel and armed groups in Gaza.”

Notably, India did not directly refer to Hamas in its statement but mentioned them as “armed groups”.

Egypt played an important role in the ceasefire and was the main channel of communication between Hamas and the West and Israel in bringing the present situation. 

The situation escalated after violence in Jerusalem and the possible eviction of Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighbourhood. Over 200 Palestinian died in Gaza and 10 Israelis died in the rocket firing and violence.

The statement called for “all parties to show extreme restraint, desist from actions that aggravate tensions and refrain from any further attempts to unilaterally change the existing status-quo, including in East Jerusalem and its neighbourhoods.”

India lost one of its nationals in Israel’s Ashkelon in the firing from Gaza by Hamas. Soumya Santhosh, an Indian caregiver died in the rocket attack and is survived by a 9-year-old son and her husband. In a warm gesture, Israeli diplomats were present at the airport when her mortal remains arrived and visited her house in Kerala to pay homage as well.

At the UNHRC statement, India expressed its “concern” over violence in Jerusalem and “indiscriminate rocket firings” from Gaza targeting the civilian population in Israel and “retaliatory air strikes into Gaza” that has caused “immense suffering”.

New Delhi called for “dialogue” as it “remains the only viable option that can effectively address the issues confronting the region and its people”, underscoring the “need for immediate resumption of dialogue between Israel and Palestine”.

India had made the statement at the United Nations Security Council as well on the issue. The Israel-Palestine issue was also discussed at the top UN body, of which India is a non-permanent member for a 2-year term period. 


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