Indian Army to get new uniform with digital print, here’s why


New Delhi: The Indian Army will have a new combat uniform for its personnel aimed to provide more comfort and sustainability, sources said. The new combat dress would be unveiled during the Army Day Parade on January 15 next year.

For the first time in its history, the Army Day parade will witness uniform and weapons of a different era, dating back to even pre-Independence times. The troops will also march sporting the new uniform during the Republic Day parade next year.

The new uniform will be of digital pattern like the troopers of the US Army use. “The camouflage of the changed uniform is better than its previous one,” said a senior Indian Army official.

The Army has always objected to other paramilitary forces wearing combat dresses of similar pattern. “Many a times we had flagged it,” said the official.

Interestingly, the soldiers will not have to tuck-in the dress. In the new uniform, the belt will be under the dress.

The official said that it has been designed keeping the comfort levels in mind.

So far the Army contingents at the Army Day parade and the Republic Day parade have marched sporting dresses as per the different regiments.

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