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Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Chicken Galouti Kababs, Awadhi-Style!


Can you imagine a lavish North Indian party without kebabs? We certainly can’t and won’t. Kebabs are snacks or starters made with minced or whole meat, but there are so many snacks and starters made with meat what makes kebabs so special? A combination of factors are at play here. Kebabs are of different kinds, some soft, some chunky. Many chefs and cooks are known to have guarded their secret recipes for innumerable years to avoid duplication. No one, sometimes not even their direct descendants were told of the amount of spices, tenderiser or meat that went into making the special kebabs that could bring a whole city to a standstill. It is a privilege of sorts that some of the best kebabs we have ever had are just a click away from us now. The countless recipes on the internet have pushed many of us to take matter in our own hands, and attempt making some melt-in-mouth kebabs at home. If you have been toying with the idea of the same, then we have just the right recipe for you. 

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Chicken galouti kebab is ideal for every occasion

This chicken galouti kebab is ideal for every occasion, birthday, potluck, picnic, New Year’s- you name it. Galouti (or galawati) literally means ‘soft’. According to a legend, it was made for a toothless king, who ordered his khansamas to make a kebab so soft that would require no chewing. Galouti kebabs are traditionally made of minced mutton, but you can use chicken mince to make chicken galouti kebabs, if you are not so much of a mutton fan. Chicken is considered a much lighter meat in comparison to mutton, it is much easier to cook as well. 

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Chicken is considered a much lighter meat

To make chicken galouti kebab, you first have to make the garam masala by grinding together, black cardamom, green cardamom, poppy seeds, nutmeg, red chilli powder, peppercorns and cinnamon. Mix it with minced chicken. Add raw papaya paste (for tenderizing) and egg yolk (for binding). Mix everything well and make a dough. Pull out small balls and shape them into round patties. Heat ghee, and fry the kebabs until both the sides are brown. Make sure you fry on medium flame. Serve with chutney and onions. 
Click here for the detailed recipe of chicken galouti kebab.

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