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Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Reshmi Chicken Tikka At Home


If you love the balance of spicy and creamy, reshmi chicken tikkawill impress you.


  • Chicken tikka is one of the most popular snacks in the Indian cuisine
  • There are many varieties of chicken tikkas that you can try
  • Here is a yummy Reshmi chicken tikka recipe that you just can’t miss

Tikkas are perhaps the most loved Indian snacks around. Bite-sized succulent and flavourful little treats are not just easy to make at home to satiate all your cravings but are an instant hit at any party. Imagine a restaurant or a party without tikkas on its menu, sounds boring, doesn’t it? That too when there are so many delectable tikka options you can pick from! From paneer, chicken, mutton to mushroom and even fish, there are options galore. Chicken tikkas, especially, are a hot favourite amongst non-vegetarians, not only for how juicy, succulent and absolutely delicious they are but also for the countless varieties, chicken tikkas come with!

Afghani, malai, kasundi, kali mirch to achari, you crave a flavour and chicken tikka would have it. But have you tried the absolutely delicious Reshmi Chicken Tikka yet? Utterly delicious, soft and creamy, reshmi tikka is a bliss in every bite! A heavenly combination of curd, malai, turmeric, lime, ginger-garlic and a freshly-made garam masala powder makes for the marinade of boneless chicken cubes before roasting them in oven to perfection! If you love the subtle balance of spicy and creamy in your chicken tikka, reshmi chicken tikka is definitely going to be a treat.

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Afghani, malai, kasundi, kali mirch to achari, you crave a flavour and chicken tikka would have it.

How To Make Reshmi Chicken Tikka | Reshmi Chicken Tikka Recipe

The distinct flavour in this quick and easy chicken tikka recipe is due to the freshly-made garam masala which is a part of the marinade. Aromatic spices such as cumin, coriander and black pepper powder along with kebab chini, cinnamon, cardamom and clove are ground and mixed together to make the fresh masala, which is then added to the marinade. Tinge of lemon makes sure to add a refreshing tang along with the spice while malai and curd give it a creamy, smooth texture. All you need to do is marinate chicken for about 20 minutes and roast it in an oven for another 20. Voila, your lip-smacking chicken tikka is ready within an hour! Isn’t it one of the easiest and quickest chicken tikka recipes ever?

Find the full recipe of Reshmi Chicken Tikka here.


The best part about this recipe is that all the ingredients are fresh and easily available. You get all the spices readily available in your kitchen while you can always use homemade curd and malai. No need of canned cream!

Try this chicken tikka recipe at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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