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iPhone spotted in LG stores? Apple looks for a new deal


In what could be seen as a surprising thing, Apple iPhones that were seen in the LG stores can be assumed as the upcoming deal between Apple and LG. In South Korea, LG has over 400 LG Best Shop locations in South Korea and after the shut down of LG smartphones has led to a lot of unused space. In order to cover the unused space, LG and Apple are looking for a deal so that iPhones can be sold at LG’s stores. 

This potential deal will be limited to the South Korean borders where Apple can get a lot of benefits. LG and Apple both could get the benefits from this deal as Apple has surged its retail presence and LG phones will be sold till the end of July. 

iPhones selling in LG stores 

This development comes after Apple was planning to sell products other than iPhones in these LG stores. Therefore, customers can get into these LG stores to buy Apple Watch, iPads, and other accessories. 

Like Apple, LG also builds and sells laptops in Korean markets. This is where LG and Apple are still rivals. 

It will be speculated whether LG and Apple do the same for their store spaces all across the world. LG has been selling the remaining stocks of its popular phones like Velvet and Wing in several markets.

In fact, the LG Wing proof-of-concept phone launched a few months ago above Rs 70,000 in India and now you can buy it for less than Rs 30,000. 

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