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ISRO Gaganyaan: Indian private firm delivers component for crew module


Chennai: Data Patterns, a Chennai-based firm delivered a crucial component that is meant to be used in Gaganyaan, which is India’s ambitious human spaceflight programme. The checkout system, which was delivered to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), is meant to perform health checks of the various cable harness assemblies used in the Crew Module, which houses the astronauts. 

Simply put, a cable/wire harness assembly is a grouping of wires that are designed to carry power or signals. When fully extended, the wiring in aircraft and spacecraft measure several kilometers, so the wires are bound in a harness, rather than being let loose. By being bound into a harness, the wires are protected from adverse conditions that may occur during operation and are much more compact.  

The health checks of wiring harnesses such as high voltage insulation, continuity, isolation, current carrying capacity and other electrical parameters play a vital role in the safety of the Crew Module. This crew module is required to withstand the various forces exerted upon on during launch and also serve as an orbiting home for Indian astronauts, who will be circling the earth in Low Earth Orbit. 

The handing over ceremony took place on Wednesday, March 17 at Data Patterns’ facility near Chennai, in the presence of Dr S Unnikrishnan Nair, Director, Human Space Flight Centre(HSFC) among others. According to the private firm, the component was delivered within four months, against the typical schedule of twelve months.

Located at the ISRO Headquarters in Bengaluru, HSFC is e responsible for implementation of Gaganyaan Project which involves end-to-end mission planning, development of Engineering systems for crew survival in space, crew selection & training and also to pursue activities for sustained human space flight missions. 

During its three decade-long association with ISRO, Data Patterns has supplied the 14000 point count down checkout system for the second launch pad, upgraded the launch vehicle tracking radars, supplied the X-Band and C-Band weather radars, the company said. 

Almost all the electronics of the Launch vehicle are checked out using Data Patterns’ indigenous test system solutions. With the guidance of ISRO, Data Patterns is also regularly building Avionics packages for both Launch vehicles and satellites, the company added. 

About a week ago, DR K Sivan, Chairman, ISRO had said that Gaganyaan design is in the final stages and project realization has started, all efforts are on for first unmanned mission trial by this year end. Gaganyaan is expected to witness two unmanned trials, before the manned mission which is scheuled for 2022-23.


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