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Italdesign Patents Smart Seatbelts For Two-Wheelers


The computer-controlled system decides when to unshackle the rider in case of an accident, or to keep the rider strapped in.

The seatbelt system is built around a rigid, shell-like backrest

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The seatbelt system is built around a rigid, shell-like backrest
Italian design and engineering firm Italdesign is working on a seatbelt system for two-wheelers. Patent images filed by the firm reveal how the seatbelt system holds the rider in place in certain accidents, while allowing the rider to separate from the bike when needed in certain kind of accidents. The seatbelt system is built around a rigid, shell-like backrest, rather like an oversized back protector that the rider straps into with the help of a belt across each shoulder and one around the waist.

Unlike car seatbelts though, the backrest isn’t fixed permanently on the bike, and is instead attached via a flexible joint, which allows for some movement of the rider. There’s also a quick-release system that allows the whole shell to be uncoupled from the bike when needed. The system works on the premise of how onboard computers sense what kind of accidents require to completely detach the rider, or not.

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The system has sensors which has the ability to determine the kind of accident, and to decide whether to unshackle the rider, or not

The sensors have the ability to make out if it’s an accident, and what sort of accident it is, before deciding whether to release the backrest, or to hold it and the strapped rider in place. So, in case of a slide, like losing traction around a corner, the system will sense it, and release the backrest, so that the rider can separate from the machine. However, in case of sudden braking, like when a car pulls up across the road, the system will be able to recognise that it’s safer to keep the rider strapped in, so that he or she isn’t flung into the car or over the top of it.

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What is not clear is how far ahead is the system is in the development stage. And even if it eventually is tried out as a prototype, it’s a system designed for riders with less experience, or for those using scooters and tourers, rather than more engaging types of motorcycles, like a sport bike or an adventure bike, where more body movement is paramount for better performance. Nevertheless, it’s something which is an interesting concept, though if you ask us, it will take some time getting used to, being strapped onto a two-wheeler while riding it.

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