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Jammu and Kashmir: Indian army restores defunct oxygen plant in Srinagar


Srinagar: Amid the increasing numbers of COVID-19 positive cases across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, hospitals have a huge demand for oxygen supply. The Indian army has come to the rescue of the state administration in fulfilling this demand.

A defunct oxygen plant in Srinagar’s Rangreth area has been restarted with the help of the Indian army. The oxygen plant has a capacity of filling 700 cylinders every day. This will help ease the pressure the state administration was facing in the last few weeks.

“This oxygen plant was defunct for the last 4 years. It used to refill around 700 cylinders in a day. Due to COVID, we thought it’s important to restart it. Chinar corp was approached by the civil administration and we brought the spare parts with the help of the air force from Mumbai. We got our engineers to work on this project and finished this project in a record time of 4 days. This facility has been thrown open today and will be refilling 700 cylinders a day,” said Niladiri Roy, Lieutenant colonel, Indian Army.

As the plant was shut for the last 4 years, it had multiple problems in all subsystems like the Heavy Duty Air Compressor, the Chiller and even the Columnar Air Separator, which are vital parts of the plant. The army’s engineers worked day and night to restore the plant.

“We were told to repair this plant in the least possible time. We got the material with the help of the air force. We are happy that we would be able to save the lives of people who require this oxygen. We are extremely proud that we worked day and night on the project to restore it. If we are able to save the life of anyone in the pandemic, it would be a lot to us,” said Ravi Singh, Engineering Staff, Indian Army.

Indian Army had earlier set up a 200-bed COVID hospital in Srinagar‘s Rangreth area. One more hospital was established in the Uri Sector near the Line of Control.

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