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‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’: Kanye West returns to show to help give Kris Jenner epic birthday gift


Washington: American rapper Kanye West together with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian gifted momager Kris Jenner her very own curated museum gallery experience, and all the ensembles there at the Kardashian-West estate for her 65th birthday.

According to E!News, fans witnessed the extravagant b-day gift on a recent ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ episode.

From Jean-Paul Gaultier to Dior, Kim and stylist Danielle Levi selected 65 looks for Kris in honour of her big day.”I have never gone to this extent ever before to shop for someone, let alone style looks for someone. It is a lot because I want to make sure the stuff looks good on the mannequins,” the KKW founder admitted.

As reported by E!News, the `Jesus Is King` singer assisted with the mannequin layout in their home, from colour coordinating to placing each ensemble in an order that sartorially flowed.”Can they move the orange and the silver?” Kanye requested, with daughter North West by his side.”Kanye must have moved this thing around so many times just to make sure it looks really dramatic for when my mom walks in,” Kim admired.

As per E!News, the `museum for KJ,` as Kim dubbed the present, immediately wowed Kris before she even stepped foot inside.”I created an experience for you,” Kim began as Kris started to cry.

“For your 65th birthday, I know how hard it`s been for you to find clothes to wear, to dress yourself, so I wanted to help you out,” added the mother of four kids.

The stunning series of outfits even accessorised with jewellery, shoes and hats, left Kris speechless.Kris later explained in a confessional, “I cannot believe what I am walking into. This is one of the biggest surprises I`ve ever had in my entire life. It`s certainly so generous, so kind, but the time and the energy that Kim took is the most amazing gift I`ve ever seen in my life.”

The birthday-centric episode also included never-before-seen footage from Kim`s 40th birthday trip, Kourtney Kardashian giving Kendall Jenner more Hermes China and Caitlyn Jenner celebrating her 71st b-day.


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