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Kriti Sanon Is Beating The Heat With This Drink Made By “Papa”


It’s peak summer and with it, the demand for fluids in the body has increased manifold. People have been resorting to different ways to keep themselves hydrated during these months and actress Kriti Sanon has found a literally cool way to do that. Her hunt for a summer drink ended with a lassi — a creamy, frothy, yogurt drink best served when chilled. In her new Instagram Stories, the Bareilly Ki Barfi actress is seen holding a glass full of the ‘meethi’ lassi, which, she said, was made by the “best papa ever”.


Photo Credit: Instagrammed by Kriti Sanon

Looks like Kriti is making the most of the opportunity she has got to stay with her family due to the restrictions imposed in various parts of the country due to the coronavirus. Others should take inspiration from her, and stir up a glass of the classic lassi to beat the heat. If you don’t like it sweet, you can add black salt and a bit of bhuna jeera for the flavours.

Served traditionally in earthen pots, lassi even finds a mention in Ayurveda for having miraculous powers to cool you off instantly. Topped with a generous dollop of thick cream, sweet lassi is hard to resist. Probably that’s why it is called the pride and joy of Punjabi cuisine.

If you want to lift this summer cooler a bit, try adding refreshing mint for that extra zing. It takes just about 10 minutes to make it. Here’s the recipe.

For a nutritional boost to the classic lassi, use banana and some walnuts. This creamy yogurt drink can be easily made at home. So, no more compromising on your cravings. Click here for the recipe.

Summer being the season of mangoes, you can also give your lassi a flavourful take by adding the king of fruits to it. Enjoy this summer drink while mangoes are still in season. Here’s the recipe.

Then there is the shahi lassi for a royal and relaxing pleasure. The thick, creamy and refreshing taste of shahi lassi will make you want more than at least a glass. Click here for the recipe.

Lassi is often touted as the world’s oldest smoothie and relished in most Indian households. It is loved by people of all ages and you can try even more variations to the traditional sugar-curd-water mix.


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