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Lahori Charga: A Famous Fried Chicken Recipe From Lahore


Every city has its own tradition, foods specialties and recipes. Both India and Pakistan have lots of special dishes made from fish, chicken, wheat, herbs and vegetables. Pakistan cuisine is an amalgamation of regional cooking traditions of South Asia and is famous for its richness and flavour. The city of Lahore is well known for Mughlai cuisine: pulao, fried chicken, korma and kebabs. If you are someone who loves Mughlai cuisine, then we assure you Lahori cuisine is made for you.

Charga means chicken in Pashto language and Lahori Charga is a chicken recipe that originated from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. It is one of the most likeable deep fried chicken dishes, and is famous all over Pakistan.

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Here’s how you can make Lahori Charga:

It is made with whole skinless chicken and marinated with aromatic spices, green chillies, ginger, garlic and lime juice. After marinating chicken for 4-12 hours or overnight, the chicken is then deep fried in hot oil. Generally, Lahori chicken is steamed first and then deep fried to finish cooking, but you can also use alternate methods to finish the cooking. If you like smoked flavour, you can also add a piece of coal while steaming to give it a nice, charred flavour. This classic dish can also be accompanied with garlic naan, fresh salad, boiled eggs and a delicious bowl of raita.

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No matter how full your stomach is when you have this dish in front of you, there’s no scope for excuses. It is easy to cook, easy to digest and people in Pakistan love to cook this dish at family gatherings and special occasions.

Click here for step-by-step detailed recipe of Lahori Charga.

Please note: This recipe is taken from @homechefspandan.

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