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Lamborghini chalaye janeyo! Assam mechanic turns Maruti Swift into swanky sports car


Buying a car of your dream must be on the bucket list of many of us. Buying an ultra-luxury or sports car always stays only a dream. In an interesting event, a mechanic from Assam has built himself a car of his dreams out of a Maruti! This is familiar to a popular Bollywood film, Tarzan where the protagonist converts his old car into a posh sports car. Take a look at real-life Tarzan, Nurul Haque from Assam.

31-years old Nurul Haque is a motor mechanic by profession and runs a motor garage in the Bhanga Bazar area of the Karimganj district. He is a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise that is based on performance cars. He has converted his Maruti Swift into a replica that looks like ‘Lamborghini’.

“It was my dream to make and drive such a luxury car. I love Lamborghini cars and finally, I have modified an old Maruti Swift car into my dream car,” Nurul Haque said.

Nurul Haque has always been passionate about the performance cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. The idea to convert his humble Maruti into a Lamborghini struck him in the lockdown induced by the coronavirus pandemic. Haque has invested nearly eight months and over six lakh rupees to get the final product. 

“For the past eight months, I have been engaged in my project. The total expenditure of my project is around Rs 6.2 lakh,” Haque said.

Nurul Haque purchased a used Maruti Swift and separated the entire chassis from the frame. He consistently followed YouTube car modification videos and built body parts identical to that of Italian brand Lamborghini. 

“First, I started building parts of a Lamborghini model by watching YouTube videos. I know the price of a Lamborghini car. But it was my dream to drive that type of car and I finally made it,” Haque said.

Nurul Haque has grabbed everyone’s attention when he posted the modified car’s photos on social media. His pictures enjoyed a lot of attention. Haque gets visitors from the region and they click selfies with the modified car. He also enjoys a local celebrity status with this achievement. 

Haque is an ambitious fellow and he has said that he will focus on building his next project on Ferrari.

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